Ernest Hemingway



*Ernest Miller Hemingway was born July 21, 1889 in Oak Park Illinois to Clarence and Grace Hemingway.*When he was young his mother would dress him as a girl and his older sister as a boy. He even had long hair until he was allowed to cut it when he was 6.*His mother gave Ernest cello lessons while he was growing up.*In highschool Ernest wrote for the school newspaper. He was mainly featured in the sports section.

Early Adulthood

*As soon as he graduated high school Hemingway started writing for the Kansas City Star as a cub reporter.*Soon after he tried to enlist in the Army for WWI, but he was turned down because he had a bad left eye.*He then got the job of driving Red Cross ambulances in Italy during the war.*After getting injured on a trip he met his first fiancé at a hospital in Milan were he was getting treated.* Hemingway also received a bronze star for his bravery during WWII.
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Hemingway's Career

*After his time with the World Wars, Ernest started to tutor a young boy on the "joys of physical activity" while pursuing his writing.*In 1953 he won the Pulitizer Prize for Fiction.* He won this award with perhaps his most famous book, The Old Man and the Sea.*In 1954, Hemingway also won the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Hemingway's Wives

*Throughout his life Hemingway had 4 wives.*The first was Hadley Richardson. *Together they had one son, John.*His second wife was Pauline Pfeiffer.*They had 2 sons, Patrick and Gregory.* Ernest's third wife was Martha Gellhorn.*They were married for the shortest time, only 5 years.*His fourth wife, Mary Welsh, was also a writer and was married to Ernest for the longest period of time (15 years).

Cool Facts about Ernest Hemingway

*He survived 2 plane crashes on 2 consecutive days while in Africa.*During his time off he enjoyed bull fighting in Spain, big-game hunting in Africa, and deep sea fishing in Florida.*While living in Italy the Hemingway family had cats with 6 toes. They produced so many offspring that 6-toed cats are now called Hemingway cats.*Nature was a key part of his life. Once he was successful, he still chose to live in somewhat isolated places.