The Warrior's Heart

Author: Eric Greitens

Character Analysis

Eric- Eric is a very strong person mentally and physically. Eric is a boxer and is inspired by his grandfather. He is a very good athlete. Eric has a very big heart.

Setting, Plot & Summary

Setting- China, Bosnia, Rwanda, Bolivia, United States of America


Exposition: Eric had a heart to help people and wanted to do as soon as he could. He made some big decisions, in which his grandfather helped him with. He absolutely adored his grandfather.

Rising Action: Eric goes to China to help Chinese people learn English and the Chinese government finds out about it and they tell him to leave the country or he will be in jail in China forever. So, he goes back to the United States and starts boxing, just like his grandfather. He wanted to make his grandfather happy. His dream of going to Duke University came true. His grandfather is a big inspiration to him. Eric got in very good shape and became a really good boxer. Eric then decides to go to Africa and do mission trips there for a while. He almost died, because an African military guy comes and corners him in a tent and has a deadly gun pointing right at him. Luckily, this lady, that has a Texan accent, comes and breaks the tension and offers cookies. Eric returns home for the rest of the year until summer and found out that his grandfather can no longer talk or write or even walk. Eric was so upset that this happened to his grandfather. Eric decides to go on another mission trips for the summer. After going on the mission trips to Bosnia and Rwanda, he gets the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford. So, he transferred from Duke to Oxford. While being at Oxford, he then realized that he needed to protect those in need. So, he goes to Bolivia to help Bolivian children. The children adore Eric. While he was with the Bolivian children in Bolivia, one of the kids dies tragically. The whole orphanage was in disbelief and so sad. Not only does that happen, but he gets a call from home and is told that his grandfather had passed away. He was extremely devastated that his grandfather and the kid dies. It was towards the end of summer, so Eric returned back home and gets back into boxing again. While Eric was at home, Eric realized that just going on multiple mission trips wouldn’t protect all people in need. He needed to do something a whole lot more powerful than mission trips.

Climax: Eric finally makes a big decision to become a Navy SEAL. He goes into training and he thinks that the training is physically really easy. So, he and some other people start a work out schedule that they did on the side so that they could stay in good shape. Finally, it was time for Eric and some others to go to the big Navy SEAL training camp. They worked really hard there, so they didn’t keep doing the extra work outs, because they were tired and they didn’t have time to do it anyway. Eric and the other Navy SEALs in training finally made it to Hell Week, the hardest week of Navy SEAL training. Hell Week was also the last week of Navy SEAL training. Eric went through tough times in the training, but he stayed strong and made it to the big week. They were up at 24 hours at a time. They were doing hard core training and lots of people quit, because it was so hard, and perhaps harsh. A few people even died, because it was so difficult. Eric stayed as strong as he could and did what the instructors said, so he made it through Hell Week.

Falling Action: Eric went and served his country for a while. He was making a difference in the world. He then decided to go home, because he missed his family a lot. When he got home, it seemed like such an easy life.

Resolution: Eric got back to his life and got back into boxing, to make his grandfather proud once again, but this time in heaven.


Eric Greitens wanted to touch lives and make a difference in the world. He went on several mission trips. He went through many hard parts of his life but stayed strong. Eric became a Navy SEAL, so that he could change the world. He worked as hard as he could during training. He was looked up to by many people. He returned home one day and returned to boxing to make his grandfather proud once again, but in heaven. He loved his grandfather.

My Review

This book was a great book. I would recommend this book to readers 12 and up. The Warrior's Heart is inspiring and makes you appreciate life more. Eric is very caring and is an amazing person. Read this book to see what happens in his amazing journey.

Project by- Morgan Miller