What Happened In The Year 2003

Some of the things that happened in 2003.

These are the 20 things that happened in 2003

  1. Gas was $1.83 per gallon.

  2. The top song of the year was In Da Club.

  3. The top artist of 2003 was 50 cent.

  4. Flip phones were still famous in 2003.

  5. Pocket less jeans were one of the many fashion trends in 2003.

  6. A mullet is one of the hairstyles in 2003.

  7. George W. Bush was the president.

  8. The invasion of Iraq was the war that was going on in 2003.

  9. Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrates during reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard.

  10. The Spirit Rover is launched, beginning NASA's Mars Exploration Rover mission.

  11. A severe heat wave across Pakistan and India reaches its peak, as temperatures exceed 50°C (122°F) in the region.

  12. Europe launches its first voyage to another planet, Mars. The European Space Agency's Mars Express probe launches from the Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan.

  13. A car bomb explodes in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta outside the Marriott Hotel killing 12 and injuring 150.

  14. The highest temperature ever recorded in the UK - 38.5°C (101.3°F) in Kent. It is the first time the UK has recorded a temperature over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

  15. A heat wave in Paris results in temperatures rising to 112°F (44° C), leaving about 144 people dead.

  16. Wide scale power blackout in the northeast United States and Canada.

  17. An electricity blackout cuts off power to around 500,000 people living in south east England and brings 60% of London's underground rail network to a halt.

  18. Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years, passing 34,646,418 miles (55,758,005 km) distant.

  19. The Columbia Accident Investigation Board releases its final reports on Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.

  20. 9th World Championships in Athletics open at Saint-Denis, France.