Mississauga Transportation Issue #3

What is this issue about?

This issue is about the Transportation distributed through out a variety of communities Mississauga, delivering goods to other areas and to find and promote a more efficient and different ways of transportation without harming/keeping local environments stable through transportation sytems.


Most of Mississauga General transportation systems starts from local bus transits which provides communities one of the most general transportation providers for Mississauga believe it or not. However, but of course Mississauga doesn't just dwell on bus terminals, transits they also have train tracks which provide trains of course they deliver good to local retail provider s which are provided for the community nearby.

Variety Of Transportation

Mississauga generally revolves around bus transports such as something called "Mi Way" formally know as "Mississauga Transit" which is a straight forward bus company that operates WITH a variety of community's and even outside of Mississauga to deliver different goods and services. This services spreads out and connects to different areas and transits places formally known as Brampton transit, Oakville transit, York region transit and lastly the Toronto Transit Commission to deliver goods to different communities.

Sustainable/Improved Transportation

Mississauga of course doesn't have allot of variety's when it comes to the circumstances of transportation in comparison to other locations but they do catch up when in community bus services, and they do provide allot. But with so much terminals and stops, there must be a great deal of pollution/ destruction of wild life to create, these terminal and stops, let alone the fact that all these vehicles run on gasoline so of course they most likely have a gas station very near by to provide a great deal of gasoline "burning" through our resources. What id say to reduce and sustain the environments capabilities and transportation efficiency could be to reduce the amount of gas stations present around the numerous amounts of terminals. But the communities intentions were to increase the amount of terminals in order to "persuade" or "discourage" communities to use less automobiles and reduce the Green house gases. This theory was solved in 2013 were MiWay started to use "bio-diesel" which reduces the pollution giving out, rather then having numerous amounts of automobiles(cars) freshly polluting the air,carrying little amounts of people can result in more vehicles, rather then actually having a short amount of buses in scattered terminus's that provide a smaller amount of pollution and provide a greater deal of passengers making it easier for the community to travel and keeping the environment as safe as we possibly can because using about 20 buses with maybe over 50 routes can replace dozens of cars preventing more pollution . This method can be used in various ways such as using electricity powered cars or even which don't pollute the air and with that said a known fact is that "a car driver uses more energy and creates more air pollution in just four years than a transit passenger in 40 years'.


The residents of Mississauga are the consumers of the transportation system, with the government funding the business. The transportation system helps bring jobs to the community, and saves time from walking to the local shopping mall. The civilians see this as a helpful tool that should be expanded to more areas, while the government although heavily influenced by the business in this, nevertheless has the same viewpoint.
Car Footprint

Why is Transportation Expansion Important?

In different areas and circumstances it can be very important because due to the fact that communities/populations are substantially increasing and more and more people are going to need the provided transportation which would have to increase, so it can be on "equal grounds" with the amount of people living in the area.
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In Conclusion, What we can and have done to improve was the decision to re-fuel buses in terminals with less pollution risks and with that happening they could maybe build more or less terminals and still have a more positive outcome then having no terminals at all and more automobiles which can lead to far increase in pollution that most likely can grow. However another theory that can also be used and worked on is electric cars which can also pose a smaller risk.

Issue 2 Protecting Environmently Senstive Areas

What is the issue about?

Environmentally sensitive areas are places that have special environmental attributes

worthy of retention or special care. These areas are demanding to the maintenance of

productive and diverse plant and wildlife populations. Examples are ecosystems

habitats for species at risk and areas that are easily disturbed by human activities. Some of these environmentally sensitive areas are home to animals which are provincially significant, others are important in a more local background. They range in size and from small patches to extensive landscape features, and can include rare and common habitats, plants and animals.

Where does this issue take place?

This issue takes place in any areas containing natural features or ecological functions of such significance as to their protection in the best long term interest of the people and environment. Environmentally sensitive areas also take place in such places that give to maintaining surface water quality, contain plant or animal species that are rare provincially or nationally, and areas that provide links among two or more close natural systems.

Why is this issue a concern to our community?

Environmentally sensitive areas are a concern to Mississauga because they have a big amount of natural resources that should be protected because there is only less than 10% of environmentally sensitive areas in the world. We need to conserve natural resources because they are the sources of our daily needs. If these resources are abused or harmed, we will have a small quantity of sources for food and living. The protection and improvement of the natural environment includes a lot of fish, wildlife, and bird habitats that is complete through land use planning, development regulations and public education.

Who is involved in this issue?

Anyone from around the world is involved in environmentally sensitive areas but mainly the government because as we can all do something to protect the use of environmentally sensitive areas and their natural resources. A few things we can do to reduce the use of environmentally sensitive areas is to restrict the development in the areas which have effect on environmentally sensitive areas.

Do the view points differ?

Some people are protective of the environment . No one is against protecting the environment but most people can't make sacrifices such as walking instead of driving.


This issue could be solved in Mississauga by making people more aware of the problem stopping and reducing the use of environmentally sensitive areas and anything that can cause and harm or damage to the areas. We could do this keeping our environmentally sensitive areas protected. We could have those areas fenced or have signs so it will restrict people from entering.