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Iowa State University Field Trip

Acellus Training

Thank you for your kindness to our trainers on Friday. They worked out some kinks in our system at GC-B and I'm confident that we can contact them if more kinks arise.

At this time in the school year, we know students well. Through multiple assessments, you are differentiating their content to meet their classroom needs through many instructional strategies. Acellus is just another tool that we can use to differentiate, challenge, and bridge the skill gap to push students further in their understanding. I also saw that the content is extensive in our Acellus library. Take advantage of this as students can use Acellus for research on passion projects or just research in general.

I look forward to hearing feedback from you and your students on this program.

Below is a brief video on the creator of Acellus and testimonials on how it can be used.

Dr. Roger Billings - The Acellus Learning System