Bruin PBIS Newsletter October 2015

September Discipline Data

There were approximately 323 total referrals for September. The top five discipline concerns are the following:

  • Skipping- 63
  • Tardies- 45
  • Cell Phone Violations-45
  • Unauthorized Area- 30
  • Disruptive Behavior-25

The most significant concern, as represented by the data this month, is the number of referrals for skipping.

A few tips to keep students engaged and wanting to go/ stay in class:

  1. Start class with a warm up and bell ringer.
  2. Use movements to keep kids focused
  3. Teach students how to collaborate before expecting success
  4. Provide choice, multiple opportunities to respond, and behavior- specific praise throughout the class period
  5. Use signaling to allow everyone to answer your questions.
  6. RELEVANCY MATTERS- Make lessons relevant to students' lives or interests

Meet the PBIS Team and Project Leaders

Interested in Helping Out??

If you are interested in joining a committee or starting a project, see any member of the team. Our goal is to reduce the number of misbehaviors and celebrate the positive behaviors at Bethel High School. We also want to make sure we celebrate teachers too for modeling the desired behaviors!

PBIS Hats for Heroes

Everyone can wear hats all day on October 16, 2015 to show support for all of the heroes in your life.

Heroes include:

  • Teachers,
  • Breast Cancer Survivors
  • First Responders
  • Military Veterans
  • Teachers

The cost is $1.00 and the PBIS team will be collecting money during all lunches starting on Monday, October 12th. Students must also have 1 PAW to sign up for "Hats for Heroes" on October 16th.

A portion of the proceeds will support cancer research/ Relay for Life.


PAWS should be given to students that go over and beyond expectations. Students can earn PAWS for demonstrating a component of our behavior expectations:

Positive Behavior


With Hard Work

Self Control

Please see email from Ms. Graham entitled "PBIS Info"

College Spirit Day

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Thanks to all who participated in College Spirit Day to support PBIS. Please note there are several people not pictured above!