Place of a deer

About mazatlan

Mazatlan is a historcial place, it a city that has and makes woven baskets are some crafts they do here in countrery. Mazatlan name comes from a Nahuati indian mazatl it means place of a deer.although the towns were first settled in the area about 400 years ago the coloney was not permanet until the early 1820's the first municipal goverment was installed in 1827 . you can get around by eco-taxis ,busses,pulmonias ( golf cart). The most famous attracton is the diving of a wall

Day of the dead

this a holday in mexico they make alters and they think skulls mean life and they put the dead person favroite food on the alter the skulls are made of suger

Woven baskest

they are hand made baskets from ladys you can find these at a suvioner market in mazatlan