Battles Of the Civil War

Abby Rautmann, Brenden Shiroda, Erik Whalen

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The Battle of Vicksburg

  • It started May 18 and ended july 4 1863

  • Ulysses S. Grant led his army to take control of the Mississippi River

  • In April 1863 he went to Vicksburg it was a surprise attack and the Confederates won that battle after doing that he pushed inland and set his eyes back on Vicksburg.

  • Once General Ulysses S. Grant captured Vicksburg it proved that he was a .genius at war and he was a confident leader.

  • The battle was all about who gets the mississippi.

  • Once the battle was over the confederacy was split into 2

  • Since Vicksburg was on a hill it was very difficult to win that battle and keep moving up the hill.

  • After the war was over since the residents dug around 500 caves the town/city began to live in them.

  • Since the Siege of Vicksburg was so bloody Grants army made 15 miles of trenches for bodies!

  • In 3 weeks Grants troops traveled over 180 miles to Vicksburg and through!

  • Union Troops: 10,142

  • Confederate Troops: 9,091

  • Ulysses S. Grant won because he cut off the Confederates food supply so they couldn't eat or anything so the had to surrender.

The Battle of Antietam

  • The Union attacked the Confederates while George McClellan’s was their General and led them to fight the Union.

  • The Union attacked when Robert E Lee was the General and was.

  • This occurred on september 17th, 1862

  • It was very early in the morning when the Union marched through the West Woods and attacked.

  • Later on in the battle the Confederates were struggling to keep up the Union's army of soldiers.

  • General Joseph Hooker’s Union army attacked a powerful assault on Lee’s army that began the Battle of Antietam, and the single bloodiest day in American military history.

  • Late in the day, Major General Ambrose Burnside’s corps hurried across a bullet-strewn stone bridge over Antietam Creek and with some difficulty managed to imperil the Confederate right.

The Battle of Shiloh

  • It started April 6-7 1862

  • The battle of Shiloh was also known as the battle of Pittsburg Landing.

  • The battle started when the Confederates landed a surprise attack on the Union in Tennessee.

  • After the Confederates won they could not keep up and the Union won, this surprise attack had a big factor losing a lot of troops for both sides.

  • 6 months before the battle YANKEES ( aka southerners) were making their way up the Tennessee and Cumberland river.

  • Kentucky, a lot of Tennessee, and the capital Nashville, was all dominated by the Union.

  • General Ulysses S. Grant had major victories at fort Henry and Donelson in February causing the Confederate to gather a lot more forces.

  • Grant brought 42,000 troops to Shiloh

  • General Don Carlos Buell only brought 20,000

  • a Southern patrol officer was found poisoned so Johnston led his troops which led the north back to Shiloh church.

  • Shiloh is hebrew which means peace, so that all changed after this battle this battle was one of the deadliest.

  • The Union stopped the surprise attack and it was called the “Hornets Nest”!

  • Shiloh was a very costly battle for each side around 13,500 troops! That showed that Ulysses S. Grant would do anything to win and achieve his goal.

The Battle of Gettysburg

Gettysburg was only a two day fight from July 1 to July 3, 1863. The battle took place in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Gettysburg is considered the most important event of the American Civil War. The Union won over the Confederates. The Union Army was commanded by Ulysses S. Grant. The Confederates were lead by Robert E. Lee. There were 90,000 Union troops. There were 75,000 Confederates. The union tried to hold their ground while the Confederates use tactics to try to get around them. The north suffered 23,000 casualties while Lee's army suffered 28,000.

The Gettysburg of Address

The Gettysburg address is a speech delivered on November 19, 1863. It is a dedication of the Soldiers National Cemetery. A cemetery for all the Union soldiers killed in the battle of Gettysburg. In about 260 words Lincoln honored the Union soldiers that died and reminded the listeners of the soldiers sacrifice of freedom, equality and national unity. Lincoln was not the biggest speaker there, Edward Everett spoke for two hours from memory about the soldiers and the battle. Everett was surprised and even wrote to Lincoln that he was glad that what he said in two hours Lincoln said in two minutes. During Lincoln's lifetime the speech was not popular and it didn't get much attention until after Lincoln died. The Gettysburg address is now known as one of Lincoln's most popular speeches. Lincoln's most famous quote from the speech and as he started the speech is "Four score and seven years ago ".

The First Battle of Bull Run

  • Though the Civil War began when Confederate troops shelled Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, the war didn’t begin

  • The goal was to make quick work of the bulk of the Confederate army, open the way to Richmond, the Confederate capital, and end the war.

  • The morning of July 21st dawned on two generals planning to outflank their opponent’s left.

  • Fighting raged throughout the day as Confederate forces were driven back, despite impressive efforts by Colonel Thomas Jackson to hold important high ground at Henry House Hill, earning him the “Stonewall.”

The Battle of Fort Sumter

  • It’s located in Charleston Harbor in South Carolina.

  • It is famous for the first shots fired in the Civil War.

  • The idea for the Union was to kill the Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

  • The Union leader had a diary filled with what he was going to do and a young Confederate boy was going over his body and he found the diary and he took it back to the Confederates and then the Confederates knew that they were going to kill Jefferson Davis.

  • Fort sumter was named after a war General Thomas Sumter.

  • Fort Sumter was one of the 50 forts built also know as the three tiered they were five foot with bricks also five sided.

  • A standoff in January 9 1861 had a ship that had 200 troops and it also had supplies for fort sumter.

  • Lincoln realized that Anderson was running out of supplies and men so lincoln told P.G.T Beauregard to attack with ships he went to sumter and the confederates scramble to return fire.

  • Beauregard demanded that Anderson to surrender but he refused so Beauregard had open fire on sumter, the myth to that is they think that that invented baseball.

  • Beauregard had 19 ships and approximately 3,000 shots, April 13 cannon fires broke threw the 5 foot brick walls.

  • After that Anderson had to surrender around 2 p.m. no Union soldiers were killed in the bombarding.