Avery Eischens

5 themes of meograpy


The two types of location are Absolute and Relative. My absolute location of the town I live in is 45.6333 N, 94.5667 W

The relative location of my house is diagonally across the street from the Albany Fire Dept.

Albany MN

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Definition: A area that is defined by everything in it.

The five physical features of my home:

1. The lawn around my house. 2. The trees in my yard.

3. The rocks by my driveway. 4. The dirt under the grass. 5. The weeds.

The five human features of my house:

1. The carpet on my floor. 2. The couch in my living room.

3. The bed in my bedroom. 4. The shower in my bathroom. 5. The oven in my kitchen.

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Human-Environmental Interaction

Definition: How people adapt, modify, or depend on the environment, can be positive or negative.

The way I adapt to the environment is that when it gets colder out I put on more layers of clothing.

The way I modify the environment is that I help cut down trees at my Grandparent's house.

The way I depend on the environment is that I need water, and I need food all of which come from the environment someway or somehow.


Definition: The way that people, products, ideas, and information move from one place to another.

The way I mostly get around is getting a ride from my parents.

The TV I have was made in Europe.

The way I communicate with my family in other states is I send letters to them. The places I have traveled are Ohio and Ontario, Canada.

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One unifying physical feature of the Midwest is that we have a lot of hills.

One unifying human feature of the Midwest is that we have a lot of farms.

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