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September 19, 2016

National Digital Citizenship Week- A Recap

Here is a quick recap of the great information shared by Tribe Digital Literacy students during National Digital Citizenship Week.

  • Cyberbullying, hackers, and lurkers can make the online world unsafe. Protect yourself with privacy settings and knowledge. Friend only people you know. Leave any group chats if someone is saying rude, hurtful, or inappropriate comments. Be sure to report them to a trusted adult.
  • Never tell your current location or where you live. Never put your phone number out there for people to see.

  • Always get permission before taking someone’s photo and before you post it or tag them.

  • Don’t share copyrighted materials like music, videos, and games with your friends. It’s called piracy and it’s wrong.

  • Use social media to be positive. Share exciting, fun posts or encourage others.

  • Be proud to be a student at SMS. We have access to amazing technology that makes learning more engaging and prepares us for our future!

Remember that the end of National Digital Citizenship Week does not mean the end of digital citizenship! Digital citizenship is 24/7/365!

Dystopia! The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death

Trapped against their will in a dystopian future, a group of teens must battle against emotionally sensitive guards and a trigger-happy Gamemaster to be proclaimed the winner of The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death! With the odds forever not in their favor, it seems the main character will be the only one to make it out alive --- but who is the main character?!

If you have what it takes to battle against the odds, join us for Drama tryouts on Tuesday and Thursday, September 27th & 29th, from 3:00 to 4:15 in room 703. See Mrs. Zeigenbein or Mrs. Boley if you have questions. The Drama Club will perform Dystopia! The Hungry Maze Game of Divergent Death on Friday, November 18th!

SMS Student Serves as Torchbearer!

SMS 6th grader Andie Myers had a real thrill last Friday! She was one of two Scott County student torch bearers in the Indiana Bicentennial Torch Relay. During her leg of the relay, Andie picked up the torch in Austin and got it to Johnson Elementary School on Hwy 356. Part of her journey was on foot and part of it included a ride in a firetruck. Andie attended JES so it was very cool that she could take the torch around the school and get cheered on by her former teachers and JES friends. Andie was nominated for this great responsibility by her grandmother. The other Scott County youth torch bearer was Landon Campbell, SHS freshman and former SMS student. Congrats, Andie and Landon!
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Game Night Wednesday

SMS Game Night 2016-2017 starts this week! All SMS students are invited to attend from 3-4 PM on Wednesday in the Media Center. Game Night is a monthly opportunity to stay after school for some competitive gaming. Chess and scrabble boards will be provided. Students can also provide their own board games OR they can play handheld device games or games on their iPads. (Note: Students will not have internet access personal devices.) Mrs. Anderkin and Mrs. Cox sponsor the event. See one of them if you have any questions.

SMS Dodgeball Tourney

Got your team? Got your theme? Got your $30 entry fee?

Don't forget to pick up an entry form for the first annual SMS Dodgeball Tournament! The tournament will be held Tuesday, October 18th from 3:30-?? Teams of six (any combo of SMS students) will compete in a double elimination event. Winners will each receive an official Dodgeball Champions t-shirt as well as the chance to play a teacher team at our Fall Award Assembly on Friday, Oct. 21. If you want in on the fun but don't want to play, you can buy an admission ticket for $3. Concessions will be available. The event is a fundraiser for the SMS Athletic Department uniform replacement fund.

Entry forms (one per team) are available in the office and are due back (with payment) by Thursday, Oct. 6. #seeyouonthecourt

School Pictures Next Week

SMS School Picture Day is Tuesday, September 27th. All students and staff will be asked to sit for a school picture since they will be used in Harmony and for our school yearbook!

Parents/guardians wishing to purchase a picture package can do so two ways. The first way is using the traditional picture packet. Photo envelope/flyers will be distributed to students in their last period class on Wednesday. Students can purchase packages by returning the completed envelope with money ON picture day. Students will hand the envelopes to the photographer. Parents can also purchase a picture package online Between Sept. 26 and Sept. 29. Go to the school web site Sept. 26 for more information!

School Picture Quiz

School Pictures are important! Some day people will look back at your smile from middle school! Can you identify the people pictured below? Listen to the announcements at the end of the day Friday to learn the identity of the people below.

Your Principal Challenge: Smile

Wednesday will be a sad day for me. Abby Yount, my favorite McDonald's drive-thru employee will be leaving her morning shift and taking another job. I found out this news last week and I'm devastated.

I visit the drive-thru almost every school day at 6:50 AM and buy a large Diet Coke for $1.07. And almost every day Abby is the person that takes my money at window one or hands me my soda at window 2. And every day I can count on one thing for sure. Abby will be smiling.

I never know if Abby is having a good day or a bad day. I don't know if she's tired. I don't know if she's stressed, or hungry, or worried. I do know that Abby is efficient, friendly, and professional. She acts like each transaction is one she's happy to make.

This morning exchange is the most excellent way to start my day! She makes me smile (and sometimes we laugh). She is a fabulous example of the impact that one person can have on another and how one tiny moment can have a positive impact on a person's entire day.

My principal challenge to you this week is to smile. In your exchanges (even the boring, mundane tasks), use the power of a smile to brighten, cheer, or encourage someone. It's pretty easy to smile when you are talking with a friend. Let's go beyond that and see the impact you can make by smiling during day-to-day tasks. Entering a classroom, requesting your entree in the lunch line, listening to a teacher, greeting a sibling after school, completing a requested chore at home. What would happen if we approached our regular every day tasks like Abby? How amazing would we feel and how powerfully would we impact our community (home, school, town, etc.)?

PS- Abby, best wishes on your new job! Thanks for making a difference for me each morning. You're the best!

Highlights This Week

Mon. Sep. 19: B day, LifeSkills in 7SH, Soccer v. Southwestern (Super Hero Night), 6/7/8 VB v. Southwestern

Tue. Sep. 20: A day, Life Skills in 7SH, All Stars in 8SH, Tennis @ Highland Hills, FB @ North Harrison, 6 VB v. Scribner, 7/8 VB @ Madison

Wed. Sep. 21: B day, All Stars in 8 SH, Builders' Club 3-4, Game Night 3-4, Soccer @ North Harrison

Thu. Sep. 22: A day, StuCo Officers 7:15am, Tennis v. Austin, 6/7/8 VB @ Austin

Fri. Sep. 23: B day

Sat. Sep. 24: 7/8 VB @ Salem