Partners in Learning

Impact of Support

The partnership between ECMC and Maplewood Middle School has enabled our students to experience learning in new and engaging ways, benefit from on-going support from volunteers and have access to resources that equip them for 21st century learning. The list below details the many ways ECMC has supported the students and staff at Maplewood.

The Impact of Financial Support


Language Arts Novels

Audio Books for Special Education Students

Culture and Cimate

"Cardio Cage"

Courage Retreat for 7th grade class

Backpack supplies for entire student body


Graphing Calcluators

Online Curriculum Support (BrainPop-an online, cross-content resource with engaging lesson support)

Netbooks for Students

LearnPads and iPads for Students Use

Laptops for all Staff Leaders

The Impact of Time-Volunteering


History Day
  • Event Judges
  • Research/presentation support

Backpack Program

  • 15-20 Families Served per Year

6th Grade Transition

  • Student Support

Open House
  • 2013 and 2014
  • Assisting Families and Distributing Backpacks and School Supplies

Classroom Support
  • Math Corps Tutoring
  • Small Group and Individual Reading Support

Next Steps

College Is Knowledge

This program is designed to prepare families and students for college. We plan for all 8th grade students to participate in this program during the 2014-2015 school year.

More Volunteering Opportunity!

History Day

School Events

Reading Tutors

Resource Preparation (Audio Books)

THANK YOU ECMC!!! We appreciate all of your support!

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