By:Tiarra & Bri'Ann

Important Events that influenced the 60s

Election of John. F Kennedy 1960.

  • John. F Kennedy was on TV for his presidential debate and he wore makeup. Unlike his candidate Richard Nixon his face looked flawless. This influenced the people of the 60s to look their absolute best.
Woman gain independence

  • This event influenced women in the 60s to be their self and dress more freely like showing more skin and wearing tighter fitting clothes.

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People who had an influence on 60s Fashion

Mary Quant was inspired by the famous rock and roll band The Beatles. Their leather clothing and hardcore image inspired her to invent the miniskirt. A mix of pop culture in history was the backdrop for Quants inspiration. Around the same time women gained their independence.

Pierre Cardin- In the 1960s his use of stark tunics, goggles and helmets launched the Space Age look. The 1960s were a varied and successful period for Pierre Cardin. In the first years of the decade, he began to design clothes inspired by science. This would become known simply as the "Space Age look." Interestingly, just as Japanese fashion had inspired Cardin years before, some Japanese designers are still heavily influenced by the futuristic style that Cardin pioneered.

Permanent press fabric

This was invented in 1964 by Ruth Rogan and it had an effect in the fashion industry because it brought a different type of fabric forward. Permanent press fabric is fabric that doesn't wrinkle or hardly gets wrinkles. it is handy and relevant and used commonly.

Other Events

We found the death of the legend Marilyn Monroe interesting. She died in 1962 from poison.

Also in 1963 DR. Martin Luther King gave his I have a dream speech.