To SIT or Not to Sit?

That is the Question!

Classroom Snapshot

75-85% of your students will respond to effective teaching methods, universal interventions that are done for all students in the classroom.

10-15% of your students will respond to research based, targeted group interventions (Tier 1 interventions) in the classroom.

5-10% of your students will require intensive, individual interventions (Tier 2 & 3) - These are the students in your classroom that are referred to SIT.

I have a student that is struggling. Is it time to bring them to SIT?

A student is ready to be placed on the SIT agenda when the following occurs:

  • The student is below grade level.
  • The classroom teacher has documented Tier 1 interventions such as the following examples:

A. Academic intervention examples: Small group instruction, LLI intervention, Read

Naturally, Tutoring, K or 1st assistant small group, computer tutorials, RTI Portal on the page for more intervention ideas, grade level recommendations

reading/math specialist recommendations followed, etc. Note: This is a sampling of ideas.

B. Behavior intervention examples: behavior chart implemented, electronic intervention such as Dojo, defined space identified, counselor recommendations followed, grade level recommendations, etc. Note: This is a sampling of ideas.

  • Meet with the math and/or reading specialist to discuss student and interventions. Great time to visit during Wednesday afternoon "office" hours 3:15-4:15.

  • Communication with parent has taken place regarding progress and to gain insight from the parent perspective.

I have a student that receives support services (Reading Specialist, Math Specialist, Dyslexia, ESL but not SPED). Do I bring this student to SIT?

The specialist serving the student will add information to the database for the upcoming SIT meeting. If you have a student currently being served, please add an update of information. The purpose? We want to show interventions and growth. If not demonstrating growth from classroom interventions and specialist interventions, we need to discuss next steps. This conversation on these particular students should be timely/quick just to touch base. Priority of SIT meetings would be new students of concern.

I have implemented Tier 1 interventions in a reasonable amount of time. Now what?

  • Tier 1 interventions have been tried for at least a six week period with progress being monitored. Meeting with specialist and parent have occurred.
  • Little to no gains despite Tier 1 classroom interventions.
  • Refer student to SIT.

Ready for SIT! What is my first step?

  • By Thursday the week before your scheduled SIT date, submit information in the Google document sent to you (1st Grade SIT - Lake, 2nd Grade SIT - Bingaman, etc). Note: Melanie will send a reminder the same week.
  • The weekend before the SIT date, data from your Google file will be uploaded into the campus database for SIT review.

Ready for my SIT date!

Come to your scheduled SIT date with data to review such as running records, strengths/weaknesses, TPRI data, for 2nd, 3rd & 4th math teachers utilize the math assessment graph (located in Livebinder or from Pattie Bartosh), TEMI data, report card grades, etc. Basically, know your student and be able to talk about the student's strengths & weaknesses with data evidence to back up what you are seeing in the classroom. Interventions will also be reviewed.

What do I do in between my SIT dates?

  • During the SIT meetings, classroom recommendations will probably be made such as LLI, Read Theory, guided reading group, math small group instruction, etc. It is important to carry out the recommendations with consistency and fidelity. As you work with the student, collect data to show progress. Data could be thoughts written in a journal, grades on a ticket out assignment, the LLI lessons completed, reading/fluency level from SIT to SIT, graphs of bundle tests, etc. Basically data is information that will convey progress or lack of progress.
  • If a recommendation for a speech consult, testing, call to parent, counseling, OT consult, etc has been made and it has been several weeks past the SIT meeting and you do not see action, reach out to that person or admin to find out status. This ensures that action is being taken before the next SIT meeting.

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