Power, Rights, and Freedoms

Summative Assesment


Claim: The amount of power you have creates your rights and freedoms.

I know this becasue I have learned that people/countries lose and gain power over time, causing different degrees of rights and freedoms. In class I learned how our rights, freedoms and amount of power effect lives. I learned this by debates in class about human rights, school, beliefs, and freedoms. I learned about human rights and freedoms through videos of peoples experiences of their feelings toward them and through timelines we made in class decribing our own rights and freedoms. I learned about belifes through videos of peoples home/school life , belief systems, and the way they were raised. I learned about school through videos about the diferent education styles people are presented with and through debates about dress code and the importance of our education. I also learned that through all this not everyone sees these topics the way I do, there are different ways to look at them and realize that there are two sides to everything and that you must look at both to truly understand the topic. I find that everything I have learned is like recycling. A material that is made for a purpose-represents the world, then thrown away-represents the problem we are faced with, then recycled-represents the solution, then used for a totally new purpose-represents the world, then thown away again-represents a new problem.


A real world example of this is the Political Elections for Presidency 2016. All canindates are going around the country to visit and give speeches on why they should be the next President. These canidates want to have the power to control our country and to make changes. During the election process canidates are speaking interms that they will be President, meaning they are telling everyone what they can do for our country and what they can change for us. While fighting for this position the canidates over exaggerate what they can do for us becasue they say all these things that might not be able to pass through Congress. They say that they will fight for our rights and freedoms during this time but once they are elected the power is theirs to use and most likely don't end up following everything they said they were going to do which got them elected into that position. During class we demonstrated multiple debates which represented the everday life of government. The government itself also has debates on topics that show problems in their eyes everyday. I feel as though the government is also pursuaded by outside factors that effect their desicions just like our judgment was rethought after seeing a bunch of photos by an artist that has power and didn't ever realize it. I also know that events such as wars, elections, ect. are seen from different perspectives. War can be a good thing to one person but bad to another. I can see this because the beliefs and experiences one person has is differemnt that the others beliefs and experiences, causing different outlooks or perspectives on the topic.


In my life I have my own rights, freedoms, and power. Everyone does, they just might not always realize it. An example of my rights is that if I were to ever be arrested for a crime that I did or did not commint I am entitled to a trial before being sentenced to a punishment. An example to show my freedoms is that I have the freedom to say what I want when I want to say it. An example of my power is I have the ability to make a change and stand up for what I believe in. On a nation level my rights and freedoms are generally the same as every other human in the US, excluding certain ones dealing with my age and living conditions. One of these is my right to an education, some people don't have this do to slavery. On an international level my rights and freedoms are different than other in different countries because of the power their country has, living conditions, ext. One of these is the freedom of speech, because some other places are being controlled by religion. This is also in other classes such as my math class. I have the power to either do my work like I should or to just sit there and not get anything done, I have the freedom to say what I believe is the true answer or not to answer a question, and I have the right to my education meaning I can learn as much as I want while there.

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Extra: Survey (based on responses)

Power is... faith, ability, control, influential, freedom, future, strength, leadership. It may be different to everyone but do you think everyone has power? Lots of people think that they do but they don't even know how many human rights they have. Most people said anywhere from I'm not sure - five. Only a few said 30 , one being my dad which means he only knew from me telling him after class one day. School is an on going argument on if it's either useful or useless. Many said useful, both academically and socially, but a few said that it could be changed to be a little more useful. People also don't think everyone is treated equal today and that they should be because we all have human rights. After talking and answering questions about this a lot of people felt as though that there was "work to be done" , "think twice about a lot of things" and people were glad to be living in the USA where they are able to control their life.

I had a lot of fun with this project and many debates with my family/ extended family during the holidays too!