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Why I Joined Tyra Beauty

Looking To Get Info And Join Tyra Beauty?

You have come to the right place! Congratulations to you for either taking the initiative to get info on Tyra Beauty or you are here because you have taken the plunge and have become a BeautyTainer! This truly ground floor opportunity is self funded by the one and only Miss Tyra Banks! She has conbines Beauty+Entertainment to create BEAUTYTAINMENT, for a true cosmetics EXPERIENCE. Tyra Beauty is not your typical cosmetics company. The products are based around fast, easy, flawless application that anyone from novice to expert can do! Who doesn't want a full beat face in less that 6 mintutes?! Our products have a certain sexa ppeal to them leaving any women feeling fresh, sassy and confident on any day of the week!

Take some time, sit back, and learn all about this incredible company!

Reminder: Please make follow up with the Tyra BeautyTainer who sent you to this page and don't be shy to ask questions.

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You Joined, Now What?!

First thing's first...

1. Log in to your website using your link...www.Tyra.com/username

Once you are logged in, you will see your"Backstage" or "Back Office".

2. Find the training courses in your Backstage under Tyra-U on the left hand side of the page. Do ALL of them! Read the Files and watch the videos!

3. Now, it's time to announce your biz!


The more excited you are, the more hype you create for your brand new business. If you need help creating the perfect post for your social media to announce your new biz, get with your new crew and leaders and ask for some help :)

You are not alone, ask your upline to add you to any team Facebook groups, and the Tyra Beautytainer corporate group where you will get support, ideas, encouragement, and advice for your new Tyra Beauty Biz!

(Can't wait to see ya in there!)

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This is where you will find all the info and stats on your biz and crew. Here are just a few of the options you can see when you are browsing around back there. Our backstage holds all the important info you need to run your biz effectively so play around with all of the tabs/options to become acquainted with it.
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Be A Goal Digger

Your First 3 Goals: Beautytainer, Bling & Bronzer

The first thing you want to strive for is your first promotion!

Your first goal is to get to BEAUTYTAINER.

* you need $150.00 in PV (personal volume). With your $149 kit purchase - $100 of that ALREADY goes towards your organizational and personal volume. What does that mean for YOU? That means you are already SUPER close to your first promotion! You only need an additional $50 in sales to become an active Beautytainer, and be paid on any downline members you get to join your crew this month!
Either place an order to grab some extra swag not included in your kit that you are dying to try OR some cash and carry for the products you KNOW your friends cannot wait to get their hands on! If you don't want to place an additional order, just start promoting your biz and when someone places an order you will hit that $50 requirement in no time!

2nd Goal - BLING:

* You need $250 in PV

*Two front line crew members need to have $150 PV each making them an active BeautyTainer

3rd Goal - BRONZER:

* $500 in PV

* $4000 in Organizational Volume ( Team volume, so everyone under you no matter how many levels deep will be accounted into this volume including $100 from each crew member who signs up and buys the $149 kit!)

* 4 crew members in your front line of your downline who are at $150 in PV

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"Makeup Is The Great Beauty Equalizer" ~ Tyra Banks

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