Mrs. Karkowsky's Second Grade Class

January Newsletter

No School: Thursday, January 17th and Monday, January 21st

Valentine's Day Party

Our Valentine's day party will be on Friday, February 15th. Every year I have the students create their Valentine boxes at school the week of Valentines. I always ask students to bring in a large shoe-box along with some some fun stuff to decorate the boxes with like stickers, ribbons or fun paper. We place all the decorations we get into one big pile and everyone shares.

All Valentines cards should have your child's name only. Please do not write the names of each student on the card. We have a total of 18 kids in our classroom.

Thanks to all the moms and dads that have helped out with the previous holiday parties. They have done a fantastic job! If you are interested in volunteering you time or extra supplies for the party please email Bridget Harchick at

Our Christmas Party

When Deon is 100 years old....

In honor of the 100th day of school, students in my class have been thinking about what they hope they will have done by the time they have reach 100 years of age. The students have been working very hard at writing a paragraph stating 10 things they hope to do before they turn 100. They first made a list of the 10 things they would like to do. They then turned that into a rough draft. Next, they typed their paper and asked their friends and teacher to proofread the paper for mistake or way to make it better. After uploading to Moodle, each of the students got to age themselves with an app on their i Pads. The kids had a great time with this project!

Third graders helped my class to make beautiful snowflakes!

Important dates to remember

Digital Stories

Our digital stories are coming along slowly. We had some trouble with the microphone but have since fixed the problem. This is an extra activity that we do, therefore, we only work on recording the stories during our free time. They will be well worth the wait!!

Mrs. Missy Karkowsky

Please feel free to contact me at anytime with any concerns you may have regarding your child's education.

We are running low on tissues. Please send more tissues!