Crabber Code Newsletter

March 2016

February Discipline Data

For the month of February top infractions include

  • Skipping/Trauncy
  • Insubordination
  • Disrespect
  • Profanity-
  • Minor infractions/non-cateogized

Of the referrals for February

9th grade- 44% of total referrals

10th grade- 31%

11th grade- 15%

12 th grade- 10%

Please check out our Crabber Code website

Upcoming things to look for

  • Classroom Management sessions dates March 8 and March 22 @3:30pm in the library
  • Crabber Code raffles during lunch March 16 ( remind students to carry crabber bucks on this date)
  • PBIS Togetherness Faculty Luncheon will be March 25 - We need everyone to participate details to follow
  • Please encourage students to use our Krabber Shack using their crabber bucks
  • We will see all at our faculty meeting March 7th

Kudos to the following Departments for handing out the most crabber bucks 1st semester

  2. English
  3. Math
  4. Admin
  5. Science
  6. Social Studies