Tech Tuesday

October 2019

Why should we work toward effective technology integration?

Technology Integration in Schools - An Introduction

teacher shout out to Gary Mittelsteadt

Gary has some great techniques for helping his student learn their Spanish vocabulary words! He gives them wonderful instruction in class, and then provides them with digital practice tasks using Quizlet. Within Quizlet the students can practice spelling the words as they are read to them in Spanish, matching definitions, flashcard practice, and more.

Digital Citizenship

Protecting Student Privacy on Social Media - Do's and Don'ts for Teachers
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iOS 13
Seesaw's New Creative Canvas! (And 20 Seesaw Ideas for K-12 Classes)
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Wakelet Mood Board
Introducing Mood Board

Activities to Promote Critical Thinking

Caption This! A fun, deep-thinking Google Drawing or Google Slides activity
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10 Ideas for Digital Exit Tickets (And some Analog Ones, Too)
Google Sites Scavenger Hunt
Revamp Vocabulary

Printable PD

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Book Ashley or Brittni

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