Watch them sing

They will shock you and you will love them and never be bored again.

You will never be bored again because it will give you something to listen to when you have nothing to do. For example, Beyonce is one of the amazing singers.

Go to some of her concerts, you know where they are because of the ticket and info.

She performs world wide for anyone who has a ticket or wants to come and see her. The On the Run Tour was the all stadium-tour, headlined by Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z (who she married in 2008). The tour was critically lauded for its movie-style theme and cinematic production.[9] Both Beyoncé and Jay-Z were critically praised also for their onstage performance abilities, with critics commending Beyoncé for her intricate choreographies with her background dancers and Jay-Z for holding the stage and working the crowd alone. However, some felt the potential chemistry and "banter" between the couple was not what it could have been on stage.[32] The tour is currently on track to become the second most successful tour of all time when looking at average gross revenue per show, which is predicted to finish at US $5 million.

Some of the top singers to me and could be you too.

Guaranteed to be a lit concert.

Whats their real names?

Aubrey Drake Graham

Onika Tanya Maraj

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

They are all friends.

Drake and Nicki were once a thing. But so were beyonce and him and Rhanna and him.