HHS Library Back to School 2015

What can I do for you?

Take a look around

This year we are happy to introduce some new changes to our space. Check out our new display area in the entranceway, and in the back of the room is the new College & Career Center! Since we all know how much high schoolers strive to be independent, we now offer a self-serve supplies station next to the circulation desk. Coming soon: our magazine nook is under development in the corner, complete with comfy chairs and coffee table! I hope the library continues to draw more students and staff in to explore, discover or just to say hello.

a little housekeeping

Policies and Procedures Refresher

  • The library is open at 7:00am to all students.
  • Study Hall teachers: please send up to 5 students on a Library Study Hall pass. We will welcome study hall students on the second A day of the year, on Wednesday, 9/16.
  • Lunch students are welcome to use the library prior to going to the cafeteria.
  • The library will be open after school Tuesdays - Fridays, starting Wednesday, 9/9. Students must have a pass if they are arriving later than 2:30pm, and the library will be open until 4:00pm.
  • Personal technology devices will be permitted in the library this year. Phone conversations and photos will not be allowed.

Orientation and Support

Freshman English classes: Once again I would like to invite your classes in for library orientation or book talks to get the year started. Orientation is primarily aimed at 9th grade English classes, but I am happy to accommodate anyone. Please email me with the classes you'd like to schedule.

Teachers: I would be happy to assist you in developing research plans, providing a refresher on library resources or simply recommend a great book. I make house calls (think classroom visits or department meeting cameos). Feel free to reach out anytime!

Staff Book Club

As Mr. Vinson mentioned, Julie Kudish and I are launching a staff book club for YA books. What better conversation starter is there than a good book? Our first pick will be Gabi, A Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero and we will kick off our club on Thursday October 22 at 2:20. I have only 2 copies of this book currently available, and have ordered 2 more. I encourage you to share, use the public library (did you know that as EWRSD teachers you are entitled to a library card at the Mercer County Library branches?) and be generous with your time. As an added bonus, I am working on approval for pd hours for our participants!

keep in touch

  • Friend me on Goodreads -- keep up to date on great titles in our collection! -- at HHSLibrary.
  • Follow me on Twitter @afgazaleh.
  • Visit the library wiki for the latest Book Blasts, subscription database information and access to the library catalog, Destiny.

Preparing for a safe, smart and strong future @ your library