Hammer Killer Case

Chris BIggurs

Case Overview

A man named Dale Haryl was killed by his wife, Marissa Devault, with a hammer. The couple was has problems with their marriage and Marissa was getting tired of it all. It all started with Marissa not taking Dale's last name and things kind of boiled over from there. Then one day Marissa said that the couple had got into another argument and Dale had raped her. And after he fell asleep she hit him repeatedly with the hammer. The prosecutor argued that Marissa only did it because she wanted to collect insurance money, and she had a boyfriend on the side. And she also changed her story a couple times after the police began to interrogate her.

Evidence: Blood Spatter and Hammer

Medium Velocity: Generated from the murder weapon hitting the person over and over, and also has a tail that tells you direction that the person was hitting the victim with.

Cast Off: Like if you painting and throw the brush back in the air. They don't have the tails that the medium velocity does. Cast off can tell you where the perpetrator was standing in relation to the victim.

Passive Stain: Drips from the murder weapon.

Guilty or Not

I think that she was guilty because I do not believe she was acting out of self defense. And she had already been changing her story up, so if she was I don't think she could convince anyone because it is harder to believe what she is saying.