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Wednesday, Nov. 18 - Catching Up and Starting Unit Eleven


Salvete, Omnes! Sorry for the delay in this week's news. We've had lots of sickness in my family and it's been a little harder to get everything done.

The Peer Tutoring Center is recruiting tutors, virtual buddies, and writers! This is a great way to beef up your college resume and get in those volunteer hours that you may need. Here are a few of the questions students frequently ask about volunteering with the PTC.

Q: What is the time commitment?
A: 5-10 hours a week. Tutors set their own hours, we only ask that you are available during the times you post.

Q: May I tutor for a subject I took at my brick and mortar school?
A: Yes, you can tutor for any course for which you have strong content knowledge and expertise. You will still need to have a recommendation from either an NCVPS instructor or your eLA.

Q: Do I have to participate in all of the Peer Tutoring Center services?
A: No. If you only want to be a Peer Tutor, Virtual Buddy, Writing Center, ELL Center or write for TutorTalk, we are happy to welcome you in any capacity.

Q: What's in it for me?
A: Besides the great feeling you get when you help others, the PTC will verify volunteer hours towards community service projects, graduation or honor society requirements. You will also receive a certificate signed by NC State Superintendent, June Atkinson. Your hours will accumulate toward earning a Presidential Volunteer Service Award. This spring and fall we were able to recognize a total of 12 outstanding leaders through Ronald Reagan Student Leader Program. Eight of these students received or will receive a commemorative Ronald Reagan coin in recognition of the honor. The PTC also recognizes a Peer Tutor of the Month and provides numerous leadership opportunities. Finally, it looks great on a résumé or college application!

Find out more HERE!

Jennifer Kunka, Instructor - Latin II Section 3 and 4

Jeremy Heffner, NCVPS Teacher in Training - Latin II Section 3