Arc De Triomphe

Visit a place filled with a beautiful culture and history!

The history of the marvelous Arc de Triomphe

At a time when France was the superpower of the world, Napoleon wanted to show their magnificence by constructing something to display their position as the most dominant army in the world. Here are some facts about the Arc
  • The Arc took 30 years to build and outlived Napoleon
  • The Arc de Triomphe costed 9.3 millions French francs or 1,540,839.98 in dollars today
  • An Unknown Soldier was buried under the arch and an eternal flame of remembrance lit since 1920 in remembrance of victims of the world wars

More facts about the Arc de Triomphe

  • The Grande Armee had conquered most of Europe and was considered to be invincible at the time. After his Austerlitz victory in 1805, Napoleon said to his soldiers : "You will return home through arches of triumph"
  • In 1806, Napoleon I conceived of a triumphal arch patterned after those of ancient Rome and dedicated to the glory of his imperial armies
  • The names of 128 battles of the first French Republic and Napoleon's Empire are written on the white walls under the vault together with the names of the generals who took part in them

L'Arc de Triomphe In The Present Day

  • Nearly 600,000 people visit the Arc de Triomphe each year
  • The price to get in now is as follows. Adults : 8 € Students (18 à 25 ans) : 5 € Groups 6,20 € Free for children and students up to Age 17.