Race Relations

Yessica Monarez


-By 1932 half of African Americans lost their jobs, whites would call to fire the blacks out of their jobs.

-The rate of lynchings went up. In 1932 the rate was 8, then it went up to 28 in 1933.

-Most African Americans voted republican, the election of President Franklin Roosevelt started to change their minds.

-African Americans felt welcomed and comforted by President Roosevelts presence, he did not discriminate against African Americans.

-President Roosevelt announced Executive Order 8802, which basically meant no disriminating against color and they were able to participate fully in the defense of the United States.

Franklin Roosevelt

He was the 32nd president of the united states. He was preisdent for 12 years and was the only preisdent to serve more than 8 years. He was important during the Race Relations because he passed the Executive Order 8802. That meant that African Americans or other races should not be discriminated and able to participate in the United States. African Americans also felt comforted by him, he did not discriminate against them.


-On July 27,1919 a white man caused a black man to drown and that caused a huge riot, also known as "The Chicago Race Riot"

-Rosa Parkswas arrested on December 1, 1955 for not giving her seat to a white man.

-Martin Luther King fought for racism and freedom and was assassinated on April 5, 1968


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