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November 1, 2022

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Falling into the pirates' port

Mark your calendars for our fall family event, "Fall-ing Into the Pirates' Port!" This academic and artistic showcase will offer many ways for you to connect with our school staff and all that your child is learning. Have dinner, bid on a silent auction basket, play some games, connect with community organizations, and enjoy musical performances. We can't wait to see you there!

Thank you for making Trunk or Treat a Huge Success!

Students enjoyed a marvelous October PBIS event at Trunk or Treat. They traveled from trunk to trunk for candy and goodies, played games, decorated pumpkins, got their faces painted and more. Thank you to all the generous donations of time and supplies which made this event a success! Below you'll see just a few of the trunks students visited...

Counselors' Corner

October brought lots of excitement and social emotional learning for students. All students learned the 3 steps to being an upstander and helped promote kindness in our school. Our 7th graders did a great job creating posters to hang in the hallways; when you stop in for conferences please check them out!

Our PBIS program continues to encourage, engage, and incentivize students in positive ways! Last Friday we hosted our October event "Trunk or Treat" with 105 students signed up and many more wishing to attend. Our monthly events cost students Pirate Bucks and are only possible through the help and donations from our community. Thank you to all of you who donated or showed up to help! For November we have a Flag Football Tournament planned, the flyer is below, we're looking forward to a great day of competition! Lastly, our Pirate Shop continues to be open 2 Fridays a month, if you'd like to help keep the Pirate Shop stocked, here's our Amazon Wish List.

As always, please reach out to Mrs. Wright or Mrs. Driscoll should you need support for your student.

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New Schedule Begins Friday, November 4

On Friday, November 4, we will transition to a new schedule. This rotating schedule will change each quarter to provide students with a chance to experience all contents at their "best" time of day.
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From Mr. Rafter, Teacher Specialist

Happy Fall!

Conferences will be held November 1-3, 2022. Invites were sent out for November 1-2 and sign up forms were sent out for November 3. If you still want to sign up for an individual conference, please use the link below. Thanks!

November 3 Conference Sign Up

Order a Yearbook:

School-Based Health/Dental Centers Enrollment Form and Information

As a student in the Queen Anne’s County Public School system (QACPS), your child has access to the Choptank Community Health SCHOOL BASED HEALTH & DENTAL CENTERS at the following QACPS sites: Church Hill Elementary, and Sudlersville Elementary and Middle School.

The mission of the Centers is to improve the health of students and faculty, increase access to primary health care and decrease time lost from school by providing care within the school setting. We are a convenient source of quality health care that works in collaboration with your child’s doctor and the school nurse.

Choptank Community Health recognizes the connection between health and positive academic outcomes. CCHS is pleased to partner with Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and Queen Anne’s County Health Department to ensure that students are healthy and ready to learn.

Register using this form (Spanish version).

From Mrs. Griebel, School Nurse

Flu Mist ~

The flu mist clinic was completed for the year per parent permission slips. All students who received the flu mist received slips from the QACDOH to give to parents/guardians on 10/13/22.

Vision and hearing screens ~

All the required vision and hearing screens were completed for the school year. Only those students who failed were sent letters via US postal mail. Please have your child’s physician, ophthalmologist, or clinic complete the form & return it to the school nurse to update your child’s health record.

Bus Riders -

If parents/guardians would like your bus drivers to be aware of your child's diagnosis, you should notify your bus drivers immediately each year.

After School Activities & Medications ~

For school activities such as PFY, field trips, and any out of building school activities, if a Doctor's order and medication are not provided, 911 will be called in an emergency.

Students may not carry medications without a self carry Doctor's order, per BOE policy.

StMS current 6th-graders ~

The current 6th-grade students must provide proof of receiving the MCV4 & Tdap vaccines before they may return to school next year for the 23/24 school year. So now is the time to act. Please, do not wait until August or September of 2023. We want your child to be able to attend school without suspension per QACPS policy for lack of vaccine proof.

Cold, Flu,Strep, or Covid Symptoms? ~

What do you do when you are sick with a cough, stuffy nose, scratchy throat, headache & more? The symptoms of a common cold, the flu, seasonal allergies, or COVID can overlap, making it difficult to know what you should do to feel better. Covid procedure ~ BOE protocol for students & staff with positive COVID -19 test: 5 days of isolation: Day 1 is the first FULL day of symptoms or the actual test date for those with no symptoms. Days 6 -10: Should wear a mask for all activities outside the home. Schools are not requiring quarantining for those exposed to a person with COVID-19, although it is advised to monitor for symptoms and test if any symptoms start before returning to school/work. Contact your private healthcare provider for guidance, treatment and return date as needed.

QACPS policy ~

If you have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, you must stay home until 24 after the symptoms end. Please, contact your family physician for guidance. These symptoms are miserable reminders that you have come down with something & are sick. Your physician is the best person to help. If symptoms restart again - the clock restarts too. The QACPS policy is ~ 24 hours from the last episode of vomiting, diarrhea, or fever.

Additionally ~

Do not come to school with a contagious disease such as strep, flu, Covid, pink eye, etc. Contact your private family physician or clinic for guidance, return notes and/or diagnosis, as needed.

Gastroenteritis - The stomach flu is often caused by astrovirus, rotavirus, norovirus. Gastrointestinal infections are marked by symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramping, headache, fever, and mild dehydration, body aches and chills (one or more may be present). Please contact your physician for guidance, treatment and return date, as needed.

Welcome, Volunteers!

We are happy to welcome volunteers into our school! If you plan to chaperone a field trip, help with special projects, assist with band or choral performances, or give your time to support our school in any way, please review the Volunteer Handbook and submit this Volunteer Application and Certification of Training. We look forward to seeing you here soon!

Upcoming Dates to Remember

10/31: School closed

11/1, 2, & 3: Early dismissal for Parent Conferences

11/2: Youth Risk Survey given to randomly selected classes

11/3: Quarter 2 begins

11/4: Schedule rotates

11/7: "FALL-ing Into the Pirates' Port" Family/Community Event at STMS 5:30 pm; Report cards will be sent home

11/8: School closed

11/9: Basketball game @ STMS--5:00 boys, 6:00 girls

11/10: Picture Day

11/14: Basketball game @ MMS--5:00 girls, 6:00 boys

11/15: KIHS Feeder Schools Concert (STMS Chorus to perform)

11/16: Basketball game @ STMS--5:00 boys, 6:00 girls

11/23, 24, & 25: School closed

11/29: Basketball game @ STMS--5:00 girls, 6:00 boys

11/30: Basketball game @ Sudlersville Middle--5:00 girls, 6:00 boys

12/2: Early dismissal

12/7: Basketball game @ Centreville Middle--5:00 boys, 6:00 girls

12/8: Winter Chorus Concert 6:00 pm

12/19: Winter Band Concert 6:30 pm

12/22: Early dismissal

12/23-30: School closed

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STMS Staff Recognition

Has a staff member gone above and beyond for you or your child? Let us know so that he or she can be recognized!

Breakfast and Lunch Menus

All students can enjoy free breakfast and lunch all year!