Athletic Trainer

By: Riley Buttrick

Athletic Trainer

What a person does in this career?

An Athletic Trainer helps people improve with their sport if they are hurt. If they are hurt or injured an athletic trainer will help and provide what you need to help you get moving again. Also, they help people to examine them for their sport. For example, say you injure yourself and you did not go to an athletic trainer they can help you get healed faster. Or if you did they can correct your mistake and make sure you do not get hurt.

Salary: $35,000 to $75,000 a year

Athletic Trainer's work a average time of 40 hours a week and 2080 hours a year

Why I chose this career?

I chose this career because I am very athletic. I like to run, bike, and swim. I think that I would make a good athletic trainer. I wanted something to do with athleticism because that is what I am into.

Experience And Skills Needed

Education Needed To Obtain This Career

To be an Athletic Trainer you need four years of schooling after four years of college. That is a bachelors degree.

What Branch Of Science Is This?

An Athletic Trainer is a Life Science Career. This is Life Science because you help people in daily life and help them improve in their sport and their injuries.

Something That I Found Interesting About My Career

Something interesting about an Athletic Trainer is that they work in a variety of things. They work in Professional and Collegiate Sports, Secondary and Intermediate Schools, Sports medicine clinics, Hospital ER and rehab clinics, Occupational Settings, Performing Arts, Law Enforcement and Military, and Physicians Offices.

Person Who Looked At My Smore

Annika Linzmeier


By: Riley Buttrick