Should Gum In School Be Banned?

Written By: Amanda Yousef

To Chew Or Not Chew?

Well, there's many reasons why gum shouldn't be banned in school. Gum can be a very good influence in our lives, like, great increase in learning and focusing in classes & tests. "Research shows that chewing gum actually improves learning by increasing brain activity and focus." As it says in the article, Chew Or Not Chew, gum isn't so bad after all since it can put a great impact on us student's lives!
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Reason's Why Gum Shouldn't Be Banned?


First off, gum chewing helps students stay alert and ready to learn in classes whether really boring or not. Many students may have trouble staying awake, much less keeping alert of what's going on of what they're learning or doing. If they chew gum, the movement of the jaw can really help make the students stay awake and alive to be ready for the upcoming questions their teachers may randomly ask them unexpectedly. Even better, "Research done by Kathleen Melanson, from the University of Rhode Island, has shown that chewing gum raises your metabolism by 20 percent..." As the same article has said, approvingly, that gum is helpful.

2nd Off...

Some people think differently, that gum should be banned and It's an unhealthy habit, but this idea is not supported by research. Luckily, as a matter of fact, gum is a healthy option to very well avoid overeating. Some of the others say chewing sweet, not so great for your body gum, causes tooth decay. But there's also healthy chewing sugar-free gum out there too! In the article, To Chew Or Not Chew says, "Research by the Trident Company, a chewing gum manufacturer, shows that chewing sugar-free gum can reduce cavities by 70 percent..." See, you don't always have to chew on sweet gum when there's those sugar-free ones on the way!

And Finally...

Lastly, gum shouldn't be banned In schools because, It promotes learning by helping students work better and longer, helps them stay awake and alive to be learning the whole entire time through their classes. Not all students have to chew gum to do well in school, but the evidence has clearly showed that chewing gum may and will help students do way better in school. Gum really shouldn't be banned after all.