The Taiga Biome

By Chris Wetherell

Location and Climate

There really is only two major taiga biomes in the whole world, one stretches from Alaska to the far right of Canada, and the other goes from the top of Sweden all the way to the edge of Russia. The climate of the taiga is very very cold. The winter is a long seven months and the temperatures can range from 30 to -65 degrees! Summer temperatures can range from 70 to 30 degrees. The cold temperatures are from arctic winds blowing towards the taiga. Annual rainfall is 12-33 inches and most of it falls in the summer as rain.

Plants and Animals

Taiga's have mostly fir trees along with spruce and birches, there really isn't any colorful or exotic flowers in the taiga.

The animals consist of black and grizzly bears, Bald Eagles, otters, owls, foxes, and wolverines.