Crazy Land

The Answers

Question 1

Tipsy knows animals have to eat 1000 mushrooms before they die. There are only 600 mushrooms in the field, so Tipsy makes Bogus eat lily pads. Tipsy knows that the lily pads are only half as effective as mushrooms. How many lilies did Bogus eat?

Question 2

If Tipsy made the dress for $40.00 and $2.00 per polka dot, added another $20.00 for the bow. If the total cost was $1000.00, how many polka dots did Gwen have?

Question 3

Frida had 3000 tickets at the beginning of the week... For 3 days, she spent 120 tickets, and spent an equal amount of tickets for the final four days. How many tickets did she spend each days during the last four days?

Question 4

The cannibals eat 125 villagers weekly, and use 10 sticks a day to light a bonfire. Their neighboring and rival tribe, the candy tribe, consume 230 weekly and use 7 sticks a day for their own uses. For what number of days would the two tribes use the same amount of resources? (Villages+Sticks)

Question 5

Abby has 12 gallons of Crazy-No left and used it throughout the day. Scientists observed that after each hour, the supply lowered by 1/2 of a gallon. If Abby continued her feeble attempts to communicate with a normal and speechless bird outside her window every hour, how many hours did it take to reach a volume of 3 gallons?