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For Gilbert Public Schools Administrative Assistants

News from Academic Services

Field Trips: Teachers and club sponsors need to complete the field trip packet and forward to our office eight weeks before the planned trip. We’re working on getting an online packet, but for now use the paper field trip packet.

Traveling Teachers: Please submit a request for mileage reimbursement purchase order to Paulina Norkiewicz to cover your mileage reimbursement for the entire school year. Once your PO is in place you will then need to submit the “In District Mileage Claim Form” (found on the GPS webpage-employee access quarterly.

All 1st semester claim forms need to be submitted to me (email, fax or inter office) no later than 4:30 p.m. December 18, 2015. Your second semester claim forms should be submitted by 4:30 p.m. May 20, 2016 .

Late submissions will not be paid per accounts payable.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Paulina Norkiewicz @ 497-3344, fax 497-3336.

News From Business Services

Who you gonna call???? Below you will find all the contacts you will need if you have questions regarding any one of the Business Services Offices; Finance, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Purchasing, Warehouse, Transportation,

Business Services

  • Tom Wohlleber (Chief Financial Officer) 497.3444 – Finance, Food Services, Transportation

  • Maria Andrade (Executive Assistant) 497.3444 – Parent Support Organizations, District Notaries

Accounts Payable

  • Christine Corrado (Supervisor) 497.3447 - Refunds/Travel

  • Linda Jessee 497.3467 – Student Activities, Auxiliary Fees

  • Ginger Golden 497.3488 - Student Activities, Auxiliary Fees

  • Jodi Valenti 497.3443 - Food & Beverage, Field Trips, Utilities

  • Jamie Toulouse 497.3448 - Vendors (A-F)

  • Susan Mistro 497.3376 - Vendors (G-M)

  • Patty Henry 497.3420 - Vendors (N-Z)


  • Teddy Dumlao (Director) 497.3452 – Payroll, Accounts Payable, Print Shop, Budget Support

  • Linda Alexander (Administrative Assistant) 497.3452

  • Lynn Easton (Coordinator) 497.3379 – Procurement, Fixed Assets, Warehouse, iVisions Support, Cell Phones, Audit Coordination

  • Kimberly DeMoss 497.3449 – M&O, Capital, Deposits

  • Ronda Gaines 545.2160 – Title Funds, Medicaid

  • Tracy Taylor 545.2161 – EARs, all PAWs except for SPED,

  • Carmela Cessna 545.2120 – Receipts, Tax Credits, Civic Center, Fees, Donations, Food Service

  • Joanna Catanzaro 545.2112 – Infinite Campus Enrollment Support, State Reporting, Access to ADE Applications.


  • Patty Oaklief (Supervisor) 497.3321 – Certified

  • Joan Purdy 497.3319 – Classified-Contractual, Leave of Absence, Civic Duty, Kronos

  • Teri Ballard 545.2154 – New Contractual, Instructional Aides, Crossing Guards, 403b

  • Dianna Smith 497.3389 – Food Service, Community Education, Certified Extra

  • Payroll Technician 497.3320 – Transportation, Additional Pays, Sport Extra Pay


  • Purchasing Manager 497.3379

  • Krista Dennis (Administrative Assistant) 497.3379 – Cell Phones

  • Cindy Rosenberg 497.3381

  • Tina Willis 545.2113

  • Jim King 545.2130 - iVisions

Account Code Element Structure


Fund Program Function Object Unit Project

Fund – Why we are receiving the money. The source of money

Program – Who is in charge of the budget

Function – How the money is being spent

Object – What the money is being spent on

Unit – Where the money is being spent

Project – Additional Information

Additional Information

  • All PAWs go to Tracy Taylor except for SPED, SPED PAWs go to Valerie Mills.

  • If at all possible, please send in original paperwork as opposed to scanning documents. When paperwork is scanned, multiple people seem to be getting the same documentation but it has to follow a process so scanning does not speed up the process, it can delay it instead.

  • HR and Payroll are still using the AS400 so please use the old account codes when submitting paperwork.

  • Anything going through Visions will need the new account codes.

  • Chart of Accounts is being updated constantly, but if you would like to view or download a copy you can find it but going to of Accounts