Ed. Tech. Report

Volume 2 Issue 1

Formative Assessment: Is it about the tool or how we use the data the tool provides?

One of the buzz words I often read and hear about is formative assessment. It seems that whenever I go online, I am seeing the next great formative assessment tool being showcased and discussed on ed. tech. websites, in my Twitter feed, and just about anywhere else I visit online. I've had to stop myself recently from being blinded, as many of us are from time to time, by the flashiness of the tool. I've started asking myself, when it comes down to it, is formative assessment about the tool, or is it about how we use the data that the tool provides?

I came across the following article and feel it contains some valuable thoughts that are worth considering. With so many formative assessment tools available, how are we using them? What do you do with the data provided?

This leads me to our first survey of the year. I want to know what (if any) formative assessment tools you are using in your classroom and how you are using the data received from these tools. Your feedback will also help to shape future technology training sessions. You may take the survey here !

Classroom Spotlight!

I would like to welcome Mrs. Kathy Elkin and the students of Victory Elementary to our FASD YouTube Channel! Victory Elementary School are now contributing a weekly student-led announcement program to the channel. Their program will focus on important school news and information along with featuring the school's awesome students and their accomplishments. I look forward to seeing what Kathy and her students will be bringing us in the future! Thanks for your hard work! Check out their latest video below.

Want to catch up on the happenings around the district? Check out our YouTube Channel! Simply go to your building's website, click the "FASD-TV" link in the lower left of your screen and enjoy the show! Help us out by subscribing to the channel so you will receive reminders of when new videos are uploaded.

VTSN September 14-18

Classroom Spotlight: BEST Robotics Competition

On September 5, several of Mrs. Renee Miller's CIT students traveled to Grove City College for the kick-off of the 2015 BEST Robotics Competition. This team of 11 enthusiastic 8th graders will be competing against several Middle and High School teams from throughout the area in this year's competition.

This year's competition, Pay Dirt!, is a mining-themed challenge. Students must design and build a robot capable of descending deep into a simulated mining shaft where it will make repairs and extract several different types of valuable materials. In addition to the actual building and running of the robot, students are carefully tracking all activities in an engineering notebook, preparing a trade show booth, and will present their robot to a panel of judges in a Shark Tank style format. This competition is bringing STEM front-and-center and is sure to stretch these students (and teachers!) to their limits!

The final competition will take place at Grove City College on October 16 and 17, with the winners of the competition receiving an opportunity to compete at the Regionals in Fargo, ND in December. Stay tuned to hear more about this exciting journey!

BEST Robotics Competition Stage 1 - Brainstorm and Design

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Websites Are Live

The switch from the old Schoolwires websites to the new Google Sites is complete. If you haven't had a chance to check out the new websites, take a minute to click over to your building's site below. You'll be pleased with the simplified and streamlined design, which allows us to find everything we might need for our teaching responsibilities in one place! The staff resources tab contains links to everything from District Email and PowerSchool to Aesop and eDoctrina. It is truly VERY user friendly.

This means that individual teacher websites are also live! If your website is still not quite what you want it to be, keep playing around until you get that perfect design. If there's something that you'd like to add or a feature you'd like to see but can't quite figure out how to do it, let me know and I would welcome the opportunity to sit down and help you find and implement that perfect addition to your site! Maybe you are one that is still clueless on where to begin. If that's you, please call me. In a matter of minutes we will have you set up with an active Google Site!

PD Opportunities Galore!

Haven't joined Simple K12 yet? What are you waiting for?!?! By joining this fantastic community, you are tapping into a wealth of professional resources that will help you develop the skills to be an effective teacher in the 21st century. Complete the registration process and take advantage of PD opportunities such as:

Teacher Tech. Thursdays

For those in the Grove City area, Thursday afternoons from 4-5 presents an opportunity to learn more about educational technology with students and professors from Grove City College. Dr. Samantha Fecich leads this group on all types of Web 2.0 tools and how they might be used in the classroom. Upcoming topics include:

  • Sep. 17 - Augmented Reality - Presented by Dr. Fecich AND ME!!!
  • Sep. 24 - Newsletter 2.0
  • Oct. 1 - Ed.Camp-style Presentation (Anything Goes!)
  • Oct. 8 - Thinglink
  • Oct. 22 - Photo Display/Bulletin Board 2.0
  • Oct. 29 - Lesson Planning Tools

This is a great group of veteran and novice teachers. Come on out and build your PLN! Hope to see you there.

***Act 48 Hours Available for a 1-time fee of $10 (For Processing)***

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