Darfur Genocide

Madison Smith

What is the Darfur Genocide?

The Darfur Genocide refers to the mass slaughter of Darfuri men, women, and childern in Western Sudan.

Causes of the Genocide

There are many causes that led to the mass murder of Darfur. Some are the sacarcity of water, the need for more land, and the want for more money.

Why are these the Causes:

  • The Arab tribes have come to Sudan looking for land
  • Their are many farmers who have a plentiful amount of land
  • Africa has a desert climate, which prodces the need for more water.

Effects of the Genocide

Many effects have come from the Genocide:

  • Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed.
  • 150 people die everyday.
  • The country cannot pay for the cost of destruction.

Solutions of the Darfur Genocide

A solution could be:The Arabs could leave and go find other land to farm and graze on that others are not using.