By Teryn Joebgen

I Can’t Write a Poem

Forget it.

You must be Kidding!

Chucky shot my paper, and burned my pencil

Chucky cut my head and hands off with a ninja sword

A vampire bit a cow the cow got tased and trampled me

Aliens came and shot my robot that does my homework

I ain’t got there no good grammar

The Terminator kill me cause I the leader of the Resistance in that there future war

Godzilla made me die by eating me

A crazy 1-eyed monkey witch casted a spell and made me a giant banana and ate me

I am a skeleton therefore i can’t think with no brain

I used it for a shooting target cause i ran out of targets so i ripped it

Time’s Up? Uh oh!

All i have is this dumb list of excuses.

You Like it? Really! No Kidding?

Thanks a lot! Would you like to see another?

Autumn Poem

P People look for pumpkins

U Under the green vines

M Many are small many are big

K Knifes are used to cut the vines

I Its fun to find and carry the pumpkin

N Notice the happy faces as they get home

Free Verse / Tiger Fight

I came to awaken with my arm bloody

I’m cold because I’m muddy

I struggle to survive

My knife is keeping me alive

This tiger is mean

He won’t die

It’s like he’s a machine

I’m tired I wish I could just say goodbye

A knife to a tiger

It wasn’t so smart

Finally it got bit by poisonous spider

I can finally escape away while i’m alive

Found poem / I’m Still Alive

My ears are ringing

I’m gasping for air

I’m desperate for air

I inhaled a sharp breath

It tasted like metal

I’m dizzy

My face is stinging

My leg is in pain

The pain told me I’M STILL ALIVE

Piece Poem / The Crash

Riding in a car

It’s dead silent

A steady speed of 57 MPH

I’m thinking

about the new year

Christmas is over

A truck came out of nowhere

The headlights blinded me

The sound of metal against metal

I’m rolling

The car is rolling into a cornfield

The coldness of the snow

Glass,blood everywhere

The smell of blood is awful

Glass in my face

Firemen everywhere

The sound of sirens

I have been in a