Serial Killer Project

By Janeera Gonzalez

Fred and Rose West

Fred was born September 29, 1941 in Herefordshire, England

Rosemary was born November 29, 1953 in Devon, England

Her parents were Bill Letts (schizophrenic) and Daisy Letts (suffered severe depression)

Date of Death January 1, 1995 (Fred)


Frederick "Fred" West and Rosemary "Rose" West were a married couple who killed at least twelve young British girls, some of them their own daughters.



Fred was called a "mama's boy".

There are claims of possible incest in the family.

Fred was in a motorcycle accident that put him in a coma for a week, led to him having a metal plate operated into his head and breaking one of his legs so badly it was permanently shorter than the other. Afterwards, he got a bad temper and often had violent bursts of anger. Two years after the accident, Fred hurt his head yet again when he stuck his hand up a girl's skirt and she pushed him down from a fire escape. When he was 19, he was convicted of molesting a 13-year-old girl, even though he didn't serve any jail time because his doctor said he suffered from epileptic fits. Afterwards, he was sent to live with his sister and was practically disowned by the rest of his family.


She had a very abusive father and a depressed mother.

While her mother was pregnant with her, she was treated in the womb with electroshock therapy.

She was made fun of as a child about her weight.

At the age of 15 she was attracted to older men.

At times she would swing and rock her head for hours.

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Rosemary's father was strongly opposed to the marriage, but when she became pregnant with Fred's child they married. Fred already had two children in which she looked after. She gave birth to her first child Heather, in 1970. Caring for three children sometimes on her own while Fred was in jail for petty theft, she was losing it. Many believed Rose killed Charmaine the eldest in 1971 while Fred was in jail. Fred and Rose married in January 1972, then they had a second daughter, Mae, who was born June 1972. They both had unconventional sexual interest. Rose was a prostitute and West was addicted to bondage and violet sexual acts. The basement of there house a place of horror, 8 year old Anne-Marie, was one of the first victims who was brutally raped by her father and her stepmother Rose would hold her down assisting in the rapes. This became common and a regular, they would threaten Anne-Marie with beatings if she told anyone.


On October of 1972, Fred and Rosemary hired a young woman named Caroline Owens to work for them as a nanny for their children. They kept making sexual advances on her, but she declined every time. One night in December, after they both unsuccesfully tried to seduce her, she tried to leave only to be held captive overnight. When Fred threatened to let some of his friends "have" her and that he would then kill her, she complied. The next day, she was released. Though she pressed charges, Fred was able to convince the court that the acts she was forced into had been consensual, so he and Rosemary were instead only fined

Charmaine West

Killed in June 1971 by Rosemary West while Fred was in prison. No motive has been put forward.

Daughter of Fred from first marriage

Modus Operandi

The Wests' victims were female and sometimes related to them. The ones who weren't were usually lured to the house under the premise that they would be hired as nannies or some other job. When the victim was under Fred and Rosemary's control, they would rape and torture her in elaborate and sadistic bondage acts for days and then strangle or suffocate her and bury her on the property. Fred's signature was cutting off the victims' fingers and toes and sometimes their knee caps before burying them.


Hedonistic serial killers, falling under a lust category they can also be categorized under power and control


The Wests were finally exposed on May of 1992, when Fred videotaped himself raping one of his daughters. When she told her friends, one of them reported the Wests to the police. The investigating officer, Hazel Savage, had heard of Fred while he was in a relationship with Rena Costello. When another girl raped by Fred came forward, the police obtained a search warrant. In August, they searched the house for evidence of child abuse. Fred was arrested for rape and sodomy of a minor and Rose was arrested as an accomplice. While they were being processed, their younger children were placed in the care of the government.

End of Crimes

Fred was charged with 12 murders on December 13, 1994.

On January 1, 1995 he would commit suicide in his cell.

Rose was only charged with 10 murders on November 22, 1995.

She sentenced life in prison without the possibility of parole.