Mass Hysteria In History

Salem Witch Trials v.s. Contaminated Coca-Cola Scare Of 1999

Salem Witch trials to Coca-Cola Hysteria

The Salem Witch trials took place in 1692. The place that it happened was in Salem, Massachusetts. This was where mass hysteria with the kids took a huge roll in 19 peoples deaths. This is also happened in 1999 with Coca-Cola where 100 students got sick from carbon dioxide poisoning.

Salem Witch Trials

There were 150 men and women that were accused of being witches. The girls and younger kids were exhibiting strange behaviors and the doctor did not know what was going on. The evidence of witch craft was supported from the behaviors of the young girls and kids.

Did Salem have witches?

There were no witches in Salem. A few people thought that there were, but mass hysteria broke out and took control of the town in thinking that there were witches. The witch craft was a large part of the kids that were accusing another person of being a witch and therefore in the end to get land from other farmers. So witches are not real.

Coca-Cola of 1999

In 1999 ,100 students in Belgium complained to Coca-Cola about having stomach cramps, nausea and headaches from drinking Coca-Cola. The hysteria started and in a different school, 26 students said that they had the same symptoms as the original 100 students. After that the whole country put a recall on the drink saying that it had bad carbon dioxide and Coca-Cola recalled 30 million cans. This cost Coca-Cola $200 million from this mass hysteria.

Comparison of The Two

In Salem, mass hysteria controlled the people.The town followed to kill the witches. This also was shone in the 1999 Coca-Cola scandal with 100 students saying that the drink was making them sick. These are both great examples of mass hysteria in history. In Salem, the hysteria cost lives and in 1999 Coca-Cola, $200 million was spent for the hysteria.
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