Movember Week 2

Taking shape

This week's talking points

Welcome to week 2! Here are our talking point this week:

  1. Free, anonymous mental health screenings are available to the SU community online at and all students are eligible for confidential mental health counseling for free at CAPS.
  2. You have a goal... share your fundraising goal with family and friends this week. Raise $15 by Friday and you're 1/2 way there!

Raising Funds

As of today we've collectively raised $360.00

Help meet our challenge to you by individually raising $30 this month. Our SU team goal is $1,300 which is slightly more than last year.

  • Fundraise at our weekly table - sign up HERE (WEDNESDAY THIS WEEK)
  • Ask 1 person a day personally for a small donation (you can take cash and checks)
  • Set small challenges on social media (I want to raise $15 by Friday, or I want to round my donations to $30 by Sunday, help me get there) You'll be amazed at what a simple (incremental) social media ask brings in!
  • Get creative - whoever donates most by Sunday gets shaving/trimming rights over my moustache.

This week's status updates

To make your life easier, I've drafted some status updates that you can share as you choose.

I'm doing #Movember this year and I'm trying to raise $30 by the end of the month for men's health. Please consider donating at [insert link to your mo space page]. To learn more about Movember:

Today's #Movember health tip: SLEEP WELL! Grab a mug of decaf tea, and breathe deeply as you drink your tea, getting ready for bed. If you need a little help: consider this guided meditation for sleep podcast. To learn more or make a donation visit [insert link to your mo space page]

Men in particular face a unique set of challenges when it comes to them managing their mental well-being, with the associated stigma (of shame and embarrassment) often preventing them from seeking help and taking action. Learn more and donate to #Movember at [insert link to your mo space page].

1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. I'm doing #Movember this year to raise awareness and funds - please donate a few dollars to the cause at [insert link to your mo space page]

Today's #Movember health tip: STAY MENTALLY HEALTHY! We all go through feeling down, but when you're depressed you feel sad for weeks or months. Depression is a real illness and it's not a sign of weakness or something you can "snap out of". If you're feeling depressed look into counseling and see if it's right for you. To learn more or make a donation visit [insert link to your mo space page]

Mo Money, Less Cancer

Use my pro-MO code MOVEMBER007 when you sign up for Dollar Shave Club and they’ll donate $10 to the SU Movember page to help fight prostate and testicular cancer. You get great razors for a few bucks a month, we beat cancer. Everyone wins.

Raising awareness

  • Personalize your donation page by uploading a profile picture and changing your motivation for doing Movember with a statement about why the cause is important to you.
  • Update Facebook timeline cover: Go to your mo space page > Downloads
  • Print personalized business cards: Go to your mo space page > Downloads
  • Learn the rules of proper moustaching: Go to your mo space page > Downloads

Prizes and Rewards

Seattle U prizes

We're currently collecting donations from local businesses to reward your commitment to the cause.

  • Capelli's donated again this year! A Signature Shave ($60 value) to SU member who raises the most this month.
  • Bang has donated 8 haircuts ($40+ value ea.) to the SU team!
  • Dollar Shave Club will donate $10 to the SU team for everyone person who uses our pro-MO code "MOVEMBER007" as they sign up to join Dollar Shave Club.

National prizes

SAVE THE DATE: SU Movember Awards

Tuesday, Nov. 26th 2013 at 12pm

901 12th Avenue

Seattle, WA

Save the date for this casual awards ceremony recognizing the outstanding efforts of our team throughout the month! Specific location TBD.

Gen Mo: MOVE with Rob Dyer