ACSA Region 8 Newsletter - September 2022

A Message from our President

Greetings! I am Sheila Walters, your ACSA Region 8 President for 2022-23. I am humbled and honored to serve our Executive Board and all members as we continue our advocacy, support and celebration of our students. In my day job I serve as an Elementary Principal in the Evergreen School District.

I am grateful and excited to have in-person events this year for our members to engage in networking, learning and fun. Our theme this year is self-care. As leaders we are often so focused on taking care of others and showing them compassion that we do not practice enough self-compassion and self-kindness.

I know it is difficult and easy to forget to do, but I encourage you to practice even small things to de-stress and feel prepared to tackle the opportunities each day brings: meditate, practice structured breathing, get plenty of sleep, journal write, and limited tech during non-work hours. I also encourage you to stay active in ACSA and attend our events. Coming together to share yourself, receive support from job-alike folks and fuel your mind and spirit is a great form of self-care.

Here's to a great year ahead!

The 2022-23 ACSA Region 8 Executive Board

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When Our Kids Matter - Eric Andrew Region 8 Executive Director

During the last several months I have had the pleasure of observing and hearing the laughter, chatter, discovery, and curiosity of OUR kids as we return to in-person instruction. My heart swells and giggles at the effervescence of our kids when in our presence at school and in the community. All of OUR kids, even OUR students of trauma, find solace in being in the presence of caring adults in the school environment.

The educational setting we create has the potential to remedy any obstacles created or perceived by OUR students. Parents send OUR kids to school expecting excellent instruction, exceptional learning experiences, endearing cultural exchanges, and extraordinary involvement that will prepare them for the many opportunities school and society offer. I have witnessed such nuggets this year.

I have also witnessed how some powerful segments of our country’s population demonstrate a strong desire to return to the past. A past that continues to leave students of color and/or poverty behind. A past where the safety of our kids is compromised by our partisan politics, intentional misinformation, and an impenetrable desire to maintain the practices of the past at the cost of taking intentional, deliberate steps to save OUR kids' lives.

When OUR kids matter, adults in the system put all of OUR kids first. Every kid is OUR kid and we would do anything to ensure OUR kids are safe, protected, and advocated for by the adults in society. Let’s encourage and support legislative remedies that reduce the possibilities of OUR kids experiencing trauma at our schools.

I refuse to allow my vision for OUR kids to be eroded by our recent tragedies and yet I refuse to stand on the sidelines and do nothing. I suggest we start at the grassroots level by coalescing and activating our collective influence to write, call, and visit our local elected-officials and demand that they commit to demonstrative actions creating policies and practices that reflect how OUR kids matter to them. The new Congressional bi-partisan committee has taken a positive step to address the safety of OUR kids and educators. The details still require refinement, and we still have an opportunity to impact the final legislation.

Let’s support OUR kids by being efficacious in our desire to ensure every kid continues to enter our school walls with the laughter, play, and curiosity that is inherently a part of being one of OUR kids. I am confident in our ability as educators to significantly accelerate the opportunities for each of OUR kids to achieve their fullest potential in learning environments that support OUR kids laughter, chatter, discovery, and curiosity.

Women's Leadership Network - Mary Ann Dewan, Coordinator

On Thursday, September 15, 4:00-6:00 p.m., Dr. Mary Ann Dewan, County Superintendent of Schools, joined education leaders throughout our county to participate in a virtual networking event sponsored by ACSA Region 8, the County Office of Education Administrators Association Charter, and the Santa Clara County Office of Education. The Making It Happen: Leading Forward Fall Event created space for self-care empowerment, knowledge building, reconnections, and inspirations around building community and uplifting girls and women.

Our esteemed 43rd U.S. Treasurer, The Honorable Rosie Rios, returned to share exciting updates on the Notable Women Project and other remarkable initiatives that use history to recognize and celebrate women, and to inspire future generations. Rios closed by introducing the U.S. Semiquincentennial Commission Project, aimed at bringing our country together to recognize the nation’s founding after 250 years and promised more details to come for the educational community.

The 2023 Women’s Leadership Network Spring Breakfast is scheduled for Friday, May 12, 2023, 8:00-10:00 a.m. We hope you will save-the-date and consider joining us as allies in our continued effort to empower and uplift women and girls in Santa Clara County.

ACSA members may attend for free and are encouraged to bring a colleague. For additional guests and non-ACSA members, a $15 fee is associated with the event.

Registration and more details are forthcoming.

Profiles in Leadership

Each month, the ACSA Region 8 Women’s Leadership Network and the SCCOE celebrates one leader in our crusade to honor women leaders in Santa Clara County. These Profiles in Leadership serve to inspire and empower. To nominate a leader, please email the leader’s name, contact information, and a brief paragraph about why they are being nominated to Jamie Whitford at JWhitford@sccoe.org.

Superintendents Council - Cheryl Jordan, SCCSA President

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CalKids will be pulling information from LEAs for eligible students who can benefit from this new savings program. The CalKids administrator provided this slide deck going into further detail about eligibility and how the program works. It is not tied to the documentation LEAs are collecting for School Meals Educational Eligibility funds; however, it seems to be an opportunity to couple it with that form for better return rates.

Curriculum and Instruction Council - Cheryl Jordan, Region 8 Representative

Resources Sheet from CDE -- From Curriculum updates to mandates clarification to grant opportunities -- a quick reference sheet to check out!

ACSA Board of Directors Report -- References, Legislation, Resources, and Dates for Leadership Development Opportunities -- see a summary of ACSA stances on proposed legislation such as vaccination mandates for school age children and spending parameters for student nutrition

DASHBoard Changes Ahead for Differentiated Assistance (DA): Table 1 indicates prior determinations, and Table 2 indicates methodology changes adopted the week of Sept. 12. Note that there will be an increase in the numbers of LEAs that will be eligible for DA.
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Need a Mentor? Be a Mentor! - Barry Schimmel, Mentor Chair, Region 8

Being a mentor is a unique opportunity to serve. Having a mentor is a unique opportunity to learn. What you need to know about ACSA’s Mentor Program:

  • It's free to ACSA members. Not a member? Join here.
  • ACSA members in their first or second year in any new administrative position are eligible to receive a skilled and experienced mentor.
  • The mentor/protege relationship is confidential.
  • You and your mentor will work together to establish the frequency and style of your meetings to suit your professional needs.
  • The ACSA mentoring program is not a coaching model and does not lead to clearing one’s credential. It is a service to help build a professional relationship between a new leader and an experienced mentor, providing practical support, collegiality and collaboration in an effort to hone one’s leadership skills.

Are you ready to get started? Fill out the online form and let us find the best mentor match for you.

If you are interested in being a mentor, please fill out the form and contact Barry Schimmel at bschimmel@sbcglobal.net.

Equity Committee - Trudy Gross, Equity Committee Chair

The Equity Committee met on September 15, 2022. The Committee's definition of Equity: Equity is the moral imperative to provide access and support for all marginalized persons to realize their personal best; liberating all through the eradication of systemic, cultural, and institutionalized forms of oppression.

The committee has developed an Equity Action Tool. This is a tool that can be used to identify key areas in an organization: a gap analysis, what systemic issues of an organization can be addressed when beginning equity work. The tool was reviewed and the following questions were discussed: what are our next steps and how can we share this tool. The committee members will try out/field test the tool and share their input at the January meeting. There will be a training for those who wish to field test (I will attend and share with Region 8). The goal will be to plan for a workshop or other venue at the Equity Conference for a full roll-out. It was also suggested that there be a presentation for the ACSA Board of Directors.

The next meeting is on November 2, prior to the Leadership Summit.

News from Oak Grove - Sheetal Singh, Charter President

Oak Grove Charter Update - Sheetal Singh, OGMA President

The Oak Grove Management Association (OGMA) kicked off the school year by hosting a Welcome Back Social for all of our Leadership Team on August 4th at Bella Villa in Gilroy. This year, OGMA welcomed 8 new members to our team. All members met after our August Leadership Team Advance for some food, wine and teambuilding! OGMA will be holding the first charter meeting this year on Wednesday, September 14th where we will be reviewing our By-laws, review the revised committee assignments and discuss our Charter Plan. We look forward to supporting our members this year for a successful school year!

Below are photos from our first OGMA social at Bella Villa!

Update from Santa Clara Unified - Joe Young, Charter President

The Santa Clara Unified Charter kicked off this school year with great excitement from members. Check out our 2022-23 goals! We hosted a Back to School Management Social (pictures below) that was attended by more 50 people. It was wonderful to end our district’s management retreat by gathering as colleagues and friends. The executive board and I are honored to serve our district managers and students.

Retiree Charter Update - Anna Marie Villalobos, President

This year the Retiree Charter will continue to focus on equity issues and on how we can embrace self-care to fuel our work. We will continue with the new administrator scholarship and I thank those who have already joined the Retiree Charter and have donated to the scholarship fund. The fall and winter meetings will be virtual, but we are hoping to transition to in person meetings in the early spring. We hope that you will join us virtually and when we meet in person.

At our first general meeting of the year, we heard from guest speaker Ivan Carrillo, ACSA Senior Director of Policy and Governmental Relations. He generously shared meaningful information about ACSA's Political Action Committees, the endorsements they've made so far, pending legislation, the general political climate in Sacramento, and some ideas for how retirees can advocate for public education.

At our next meeting, 11/9, we will welcome ACSA's new Executive Director Edgar Zazueta.

OCHO at Your Service - Brian Schmaedick, Editor

OCHO is the quarterly online publication that serves as a tool for sharing information from Region 8 leadership and committees with the 20 local charters and over 850 Santa Clara County ACSA members. Our Region 8 leadership will contribute to each edition as will representatives from key Region 8 committees and the Presidents of the different charters. To find all Region 8 news, announcements, calendars of upcoming events, and past editions of OCHO, check out the ACSA Region 8 website.

The next edition of OCHO will be distributed in January. Please reach out if you have suggestions of how to better our Region 8 communications. bschmaedick19@gmail.com

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