Team Tortorello Newsletter

1st Grade Sherwood

Important Dates and Information

Wednesday, December 11: MAP Testing (Reading)

Friday, December 13: MAP Testing (Math)

Friday, December 20: Early Release

December 23 - January 3: Winter Break

Winter Is Here!

All schools in the North Shore District will engage in outdoor recess unless temperatures are at or below 15 degrees (including wind chill) or if there is precipitation (not including light snow). Students will also be allowed to come into our buildings before school when the temperature is at 15 degrees or below including wind chill.

Please remind your child to bring the following winter gear if s/he would like to play in the snow during recess:
  • Jacket
  • Boots
  • Snow pants
  • Gloves
  • Hat

Reading Book Bags

I am opening up my classroom library and students can bring books home in their book bags. They are bringing a new set home today, Friday. Please have these come back on Monday. Students will be allowed to bookshop each week to bring home books. Please let me know if you are interested in making this a DAILY thing.

Second Step

This week we played charades to practice showing and identifying different emotions. We discussed how reading situations can help you understand what is happening and/or how to respond appropriately.


This week students read Hunter's Money Jar and discussed the elements of a fiction story and the main idea. In word work we reviewed the th-, sh-, ch- digraphs and practiced short and long a words. Our current pattern is a_e (adding that e at the end of the word to make the a say its name). We also started writing personal narratives. We reviewed our 3 steps:

1. Think of an idea (something that you do, something that happened to you)

2. Plan it out (plan it out on your fingers)

3. Write (sketch first, then draw)

Next week we will work on adding detail and we will have our first Author's Chair where students can share a story they wrote.


Students worked on writing stacked addition problems. We also ended Unit 3. Students will begin the next unit on Monday. Our next focus is number lines.

Moraine Township Gift Drive

Thank you for helping us sponsor a child in need. We collected $104.50!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I will be buying our child clothes and her dream gift (around $50-60) and will use the extra funds to purchase hats, gloves, and scarfs for other children in need.

Questions to Ask Your Child

  • Can you spell/write can? Cane? What about tap? Tape? What do we add to the end of the word to make the a say its name? Challenge: Are there any other patterns you've noticed that can make the a say its name?
  • Can you show me the stacked addition fact for 10 + 3?
  • Tell me about Hunter's Money Jar.