Effects of Music on the Brain

🎶By: Leslie Orozco🎶

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The Effect of Music on our Emotions:

- "There are two kinds of emotions related to music: perceived emotions and felt emotions" how we can understand the emotions expressed on the songs without really feeling sad or depressed.

- When theirs higher noise we tent to overwhelm and our creativity is less and we don't concentrate.

- The music can help predict the way someone is or their personality.

Why does music relax?

- Music can change our emotions and it's a great tool to manage our stress, slow and quiet classic music can have a beneficial effect on our physiological functions.

- Music can sometimes distract us but at the same time it helps us learn our real emotions.

- The music has a certain effect on your feeling that make you feel familiarity and centerdness for yourself.

How does music help?

- Some music can be used for meditation it helps the mind to have a relaxation response.

- "Music has been used for hundredsof years to treat illnesses and restore harmony".

- Reduces anxiety on patients at a hospital, and helps the quality of life on patients with cancer.