The New Cheetah in the Fleet

Our freshly-completed panel face lift

We bagan the project with the intent to put on a new panel overlay and replace the engine instruments. It evolved into a much more in-depth refurbishment. We now have all new circuit breakers, switches, and electronic bus bars. Lots of new wiring behind the panel. New sub-panels and overlays (the lower portion of the panel that contains the circuit breakers and switches. New cockpit lighting includes post lights and led flood lighting. We installed a graphic engine monitor with fuel flow computer, a carbon monoxide detector, and a new glare shield.

The S-Tec autopilot with altitude hold makes this an awesome crock-country airplane! If you're a current student or renter, you're ready to schedule it through the online scheduling system. If you're not yet a renter, give us a call and we'll schedule a rental checkout for you. The manuals for the GPS, autopilot, and graphic engine monitor are all available to download on our website.