Career spotlight

Commercial Diver

Benefits contributing to society and what a commercial diver does

Thousand of structures, ocean oil rigs, and marine research equipment lie under water, so its the commercial diver's job to maintain these structures. Also, commercial divers help build underwater structures, rig underwater explosives for a bridge demolition, and also aqueos, oceaneering international Inc., and the U.S. navy are all companies that hire in this feild.

Annual salary: $52,500!


You will need to get a highschool diploma or GED and certification through a commerial diving school. In addition to that, you will need to have good mental health, a love for physical activity and aventure, and having the ability to stay calm and collected in stressful conditions.

Job growth and one cool fact about this job

The job growth for a commercial diver is faster than the average, 14% to 20%. One final thought to this job is that you get to travel the world.