Creating Change in 2016

Turning this opportunity into dreams realized

The Opportunity

Friends, we have an opportunity. By now you know that there's an opportunity to receive monetary compensation and income by developing your own little oil biz. But did you know that that this oil business provides the opportunity for you to not just pay off your oils and get a $50 check but actually create a lasting residual income that pays you throughout the many years to come?

Did you know that folks in this company - people like you and I without prior background in being an entrepreneur - are replacing their income in a very short amount of time? I've been doing my homework watching those who've done this business and working really hard (20 hrs week range - which isn't really "working hard" compared to other jobs) and they've replaced their business in one year. One year! Others, who are working another job, put in less hours but still work hard and they replace their income - I'm talking 5, even 6 figures in a few short years). All of them have kids, have jobs, have other things going on but they recognized the opportunity and they knew they wanted the financial and time freedom this company offers by doing the business.

The opportunity is great. There actually aren't any saturated areas. There are still SO many people who don't have oils. Most of the people we know don't have oils yet. The world is starved for natural solutions that really work. There isn't anyone who couldn't benefit from the oils in some way. People will end up with oils, and if they don't get them from you, they'll get oils from someone else. doTERRA is still in its beginnings. I'm going to run with it and take this opportunity. I hope you, my oil loving friends, will take it with me.

What Makes a Leader in this Business?

If you decide you are ready to do this business, you can be a leader.

You don't have to know everything about oils or how to run a business to run with it. Leaders actually don't need to showcase amazing knowledge about oils. If you can share your personal story and open the bottles and pass them around, you can teach. Why? Being a genius intimidates people. You want to be duplicatable so others know they can do what you do. Go for it. You learn as you go, and develop the skills over time. That said, below is a list of things leaders will learn to do.

Leaders are committed to...

* sharing essential oils and their practical benefits with others, and consistently holding classes.

* sampling 2 people a day. They get out and meet people and make samples regularly and they give them out and follow up. (Does this happen every day? No. But it's the goal to keep you sampling, and it makes a huge difference if you do.)

* owning of a Modern Essentials book or The Essential Life and they aren't afraid to look up answers and suggest solutions for people.

* regularly breaking out of their fears and just faking it til they make it.

* going for the "no" because they know it will lead them to "yes."

* using the products and learn the company so they can speak about them.

* making their "why" bigger than their fear.

* working on a positive mind set. They think "I am going to be successful. I am a doTERRA leader. I am doing this" instead of "Maybe I'll do it. I don't know if I can. I'm scared." (The fear is still there, but they push through it with affirmations and positive self talk and feed a "can do" mindset.)

* attending events to learn.

* writing down monthly goals and looking at their vision boards to create the life they want - this business is really driven by their desire to create the life they want.

* aware of why network marketing is the best business to be in.

Will you do this all alone? No, you will have a team, lead by me, learning right along with you.

Network Marketing

At some point, everyone in doTERRA hears "Oh, well that's network marketing. I have a bad taste in my mouth about network marketing."

But did you know that network marketing is the perfect platform to spread the word about essential oils so that many families can gain the benefits? Can you imagine if they were on the shelves of Whole Foods with no one to explain how to maximize their benefits? So many fewer people would have them. That's okay for low-quality oils, but these are different.

Did you know that if you if you can dream it, it's possible with network marketing because there is no cap on what you can achieve and earn? The sky is literally the limit. But you must learn how to do it. You push past the frustration if people turn you down or only one person shows up to your class.

This business of network marketing is such a smart business, and those who take advantage of it change their lives in many ways for the long haul. They do things they had only dreamed of like paying off debt, having enough money to go on the vacations they really want to take, buying the home they've always wanted, and more. If they stick with it, they get to the place where they have true financial freedom.

doTERRA is unlike many other network marketing businesses because it leads to long-term residual income that isn't offered by other network marketing companies because doTERRA has the best compensation plan out there. Every individual who does this business has the opportunity to excel based on their level of work. There aren't limitations and the compensation is fair, and just grows as you do. Many other companies offer a "get rich" quick opportunity and usually they don't work.

This is a business of helping people change their health and their lives for the better through oils which virtually every person on the planet can use. That makes a GREAT business opportunity and then you add the fact that this company's mission is to help people around the world - the people who harvest our oils and the many people who need them. It is a company built on changing others for the better with products that are safe and natural and usable for all.

So, network marketing with doTERRA is a great opportunity. And it's here for you. I'm inviting you to join me and the rest of our team.

Figure Out Your "Why?"

The first step to success with a network marketing business is finding your "why?"

What is a "why?" Your why is why you'll sacrifice and work hard and commit to building your business. It's why you want to do this. It's what you're doing it for.

So how do you figure it out? Answer a few questions..

What if you could build the life of your dreams without limitations?

What would you do if you had more time?

What would you do with more money?

What if you were financially free? What would that mean to your lifestyle? To your family?

What if you never had to go back to "work?"

What do you love about this company? How has it bettered you life?

Now take those answers and formulate your why. For some, their why involves being able to own a home. For others, it's bringing home their husband so he can retire from his job. For others, it's living a lifestyle where they are their boss and they no longer clock in to a job anymore.

My why?

In my own home, our physical and emotional burdens have been made lighter. We've been empowered to help ourselves, and it's been a game changer. Our lives have been truly blessed by it. I have a lot less anxiety. I used to have panic attacks about staying healthy. If our family is sick or struggling, now I know that I'll have help. We have resources for the long haul and in the little day-to-day moments of need.

I don't want to go back to my former profession because it felt like work. This doesn't feel like "work." This is meaningful and energizing. That was valuable, but it was not exciting or life changing. I want to be my own boss too.

What are my dreams?

1, I want to be able to do fun things with my family and work my schedule. I want to travel without limitations. I want to take my family to Hawaii and to Europe. I want to go on ski trips and stay in hotels of my choice without stress.

2. I want more freedom to create the home of my dreams. First thing on my list I granite counter tops in my kitchen!

3. I want a sustainable income that continues to support my family year after year. I don't want financial worry weighing us down or holding us back.

This company offers natural, safe support for better physical and emotional health for everyone. Everyone needs that and sharing it is so rewarding. This company is around for the long haul and they have integrity.

*** Finding your "why" will propel you forward. It's critical to your success. It will help you start and keep you going. ***

Tips for Oil Sharing Success

The first step to building a doTERRA business is to sample. If you sample 30 people per month - 1 per day - you will get 10 enrollments in the month - and you will most likely get 3 people who would like to build a business with you. It's a numbers game.

Write down who you will share with. Make a list of everyone who could use oils. When you think about it - everyone you know could use oils - from the casual acquaintances to friends and family and those who provide services for you, etc.

Share openly. Share as a friend who wants others to have the products you love just like you share other products.

Use the products yourself so you will have personal connection and experience.

Keep samples and product literature (A to Z guides are great) on hand at all times - in your purse and in your car. Plan a time regularly to make up your samples so you have them ready when an opportunity to give them to a friend or even a stranger comes up. Get a storage container that will keep them clean and dry.

Follow up. This is critical. Do not just give away your oils. Someone can love their sample and not say a word to you about it. Always follow up and ask them in a couple of days how they liked the sample. "Did you try that sample? What did you like?"

Set up classes & invite to a class. Once you've sampled someone, invite them to a class when you follow up. Have a class on your calendar so you can offer the class when you give the sample and/or follow up. Invite, invite. Everyone loves an invite.

After you've sampled the reward is that you will be able to Enroll & Support. Help the people you've sampled get oils into their home to enroll and earn oils. Be a support for those who enroll. Provide a wellness consult and keep connected.

These are the steps to follow and to repeat as you build your business pipeline.

Find Your Builders

Another very key component to success: find three people who would like to build with you who you can build with and under.

The sooner you find three people who would like to create an oil business that will lead them to financial freedom, the sooner you will reach financial reward and have an effective business.

Your goal is to learn doTERRA and how to share and teach your three builders what you know: In other words - duplicate yourself.

What do you say to someone who you'd like to work with?
How about...

I am creating an oil business because (insert your "why") and I'd love for you to join me. I'm going for my (dreams) and I want to help you reach yours. I admire you, and I would love for us to do this together. Will you join me? It'll take some work, but it'll be so fun and we can partner and work together.

Sometimes, the person will want to think about it. They may even say "no" the first time. I did! Follow up and let them know you're serious. They may very well join you if you are committed and serious.

FYI Getting three builders will help you to promote to "silver" and you will be well on your way to financial freedom.

Do you have to know who your builders are off the bat? No. As you share oils - if you also share the business opportunity and invite others to join you - you will find people who want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. And you might be surprised who does!

What is required of builders?
A monthly LRP order of 150 PV

A book (Modern Essentials or Essential Life)

Written goals

Sampling and holding classes

Attend events and trainings

Professional Development

Reading and listening to professional development material will make a huge difference in your motivation, confidence and success.

A few favorite options:

Weekly podcasts from "Mommas Little Oil Biz"...

Periscope app:
Download from the app store to your iPad or phone.

Periscope offers the opportunity to both create and watch videos of essential oil business coaches and educators. You'll find they will post videos regularly to coach others and teach them about how to use oils and build a business. This has been very valuable in growing my understanding of how to do the business well.

Videos only stay live for 24 hours on Periscope so those who are already set up are more likely to catch the video. Once you're on, try following Keeli Martinez, Michelle Cannon, Angela Villa and Valerie Ann Giovanni. Set it so notifications are "on." That way you'll know when a podcast is live and you'll have 24 hours to watch. If you watch it live, you can ask the podcaster questions.

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Loyalty Rewards Program

The Loyalty Rewards Program is key to your business. Always educate your enrollments on the loyalty rewards program. Even if you think you know someone's budget, don't assume they won't want to order monthly. You'll be surprised. Most of the folks who use their oils day to day are on the loyalty rewards program. So, study the benefits and know them.

So let's talk about it...this company wants everyone to get oils into their homes affordably. That's why they offer a wholesale membership - so you can get the oils at he deepest discount - 25 percent below retail. Our company also provides a way for their members to get free product. This is why joining the Loyalty Rewards Program is the most intelligent way to buy oils. It offers not only a discount (10 percent up to 30 percent) which offers product points to redeem for free product, but it also offers members the opportunity to get a free product of the month. In addition, there are promos throughout the year for additional free oils that are popular with members.

Since most folks who use oils day to day will get on LRP, how do you help them to make that leap? First, many will start on LRP when they join if you encourage them to try it out and make a second order. However, when you hold a wellness consult with each person you enroll to go over daily usage tips, how to use the oils for their specific needs, and to answer any questions they have. Wellness consults make a huge difference and turn your hesitant new oilers into oiling geniuses.

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Let's Partner

I'm excited about the opportunity! If you like the opportunity and the ideas I've laid out, but you're not sure you can pull it off, let's talk. I have been there. I will be putting my family and home first, but I'll also be intentionally running with my business to grow leaps and bounds this year, and I'd love for you to pace with me.

If you would like to commit to this journey with me, I will give my time and attention to helping you grow your business this year. It's going to be fun and so worth it! If it's not for you, let me know. If it is, we'll go after this together. I'm excited!

"Make space in your life for the inevitable arrival of what you want."

Get ready. Prepare. Act. Believe.