Game Warden

Tyler McCarty

Game Warden

Annual Income:53,260 Degree:Wildlife and Wildland Science and Managment

College:Texas Tech

Tuition per semester:2,431 Total Tuition to obtain degree:19,448 School loan terms-Time:10 years,Interest rate:4.6,balance after deferment:19,671.10 Additional interest for 2 year deferment:223.81 School loan payment after deferment:120


Adress: 4910 lehigh street, Lubbock TX 79416

Loan term:30 Monthly Payment:886.70 Total Intersest over the life of the loan:144,211.75

Vehicle: 1998 Ford Escort

Terms of Loan:4 years Monthly payment:44.16 Total Interest over the life of the loan:164.66


Monthly Income:4438.33

Mortgage Payment:886.70

Car payment:44.16

Student loan payment:223.81





Cell Phone:266.29


What was your biggest learning experience throughout this project?why?

That the job you want may not always be as good as you want when is comes to money because i want to be a Game Warden because you get to be out doors a lot and spend most of your time with nature but the money you get is not the best.

What adjustments did you make throughout the project to stay in budget?

I had to change my car because my car was way to expensive and i would be over budget if i have that car.

How does this compare your initial ideas of beginning adult hood?

Its shows on how important money and life is and where you go in life.