World War II


We will create a timeline of important events that happened during World War II.


Watch the following Brainpop video and answer the questions below.

Take the quiz once you have finished and email me the results. (My email is on the board.)

WWII Causes -

1. How did the end of World War 1 hurt Germany?

2. Did the Great Depression impact the German people?

3. Who did the German people turn to for help?

4. What group was Adolf Hitler the leader of?

5. What is Fascism?

5. What is patriotism?

6. How did Germany disobey the Treaty of Versailles?

7. How did World War I impact Britain and France?

8. Who were the Axis Powers?

9. How did the USA help during World War II?

10. What happened December 7th 1941?

Give me a summary of the Causes of World War II video. Your summary must be 6-8 sentences long.

Do not forget to email me the results of your quiz!

World War II Timeline

Follow the directions below to complete your timeline.

Put your name on your paper.

You must add the following to your timeline:

1. When did World War II start?

2. When did World War II end?

3. What caused the USA to join World War II? (Hint: Hawaii)

4. Put three major battles that happened in World War II.

For each year on your timeline you must have the following items.

  • Event Name
  • What happened
  • Year(s)
  • Picture