Appy Hour

Tuesday, October 28th

What is Appy Hour?

It is meant to be a relaxed informational time for sharing and demonstration of the latest and greatest apps being used in education! ( or possibly an app that you just can’t live without!)

It’s a time to get together and share with others so that together we are solving real classroom challenges by integrating the best apps that help meet the needs of teachers and students

Who is Demonstrating the Apps?

You can…. Or Whoever wishes to share an app that they have been using and to show/explain what the app does.

Do I have to demonstrate an app?:
No, just come join us, so that you can learn about exciting new apps that can be used with your idevices, tips and tricks and or ask questions about your idevice.

Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 3:15pm

Williamstown Independent School District, Grant County, KY, United States


Elementary Side of the Library
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