The Annexation of Texas

by Nick Harris

Issues with Mexico

Tejano's idea

The Tejano's think that there is goingto be a war with Mexico and that Mexico did not reconize the treaties of valasco and that led to them to not reconize them independent or a part of the U.S.

Anglo Texan

After ten years the anglo's finally became there own nation they believe that it is the Rio Grandebecause of the treaties of velasco but Mexico still believes that are border is the nueces river. This will cause problems but with the United States behind us we should be victorious.


Our dreams of Manifest Destiny is so much closer now that Texas has been Annexed. But there might be some problems with Mexico. They dont want to give up their land, and they dont want to reconize Texas as part of the United States the result might be war.

Free Black Texan

The issue of slavery is what Americans are starting to debate as a free black texan in the republic of Texas I had some rights they could own land run a business and even keep slaves. Now that we are a part of the United States i will lose all individual rights promised to me when i first moved to texas many northerners think manifest destiny is expanding land.