Come To Gaigo-festival!

Gaigo-Festival is coming soon!!

The Gaigo-Festival will start on November 20!!

You can eat all over the world's food, see plays using various language, touch foreign culture and so on!

Please enjoy it!


Saturday, Nov. 2nd 2013 at 9pm to Sunday, Nov. 24th 2013 at 6:30pm

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan

Fuchu, Tokyo

Please come and feel the world!

Chinese Food

My major is Chinese, so we're going to sell some Chinese food.

We have held tasting parties many times from summer vacation.

Thus I'm convinced that all food is delicious!

Here, I introduce some food.


Have you ever seen flamenco?

I'm member of Spanish dance club.

I am going to dance flamenco in Gaigo-festival.

Although my dancing time there is short, but if you will come to the perfomance I'm glad!

I can sell you advance ticket.

So if you want to see, please tell me!