Child Obesity

Its an Epidemic

It Says...

“More Canadian children are overweight and for the first time the country's younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents because of obesity, says a new Commons committee report made public yesterday.”

“The report said most Canadian children spend too much time in front of TV and computer screens; don't get the expert-recommended 90 minutes a day of exercise; eat too much fat and junk food; consume too many sugary drinks and don't eat the recommended five daily servings of fruit and vegetables.”

"For the first time in recorded history, our younger generations are expected to live shorter lives than their parents due to obesity."

I Say...

“I think we should put an end to Child Obesity by banning junk foods and forcing children to exercise 90 min a day. They should stop consuming sugary drinks and start eating recommended five daily servings of fruit and vegetables. For children in obesity, fat is like the new tobacco. Compared to the old times, nowadays kids are eating more junk food and staying at home. These problems should stop. Children are supposed to play outside and have fun, not eat junk and watch tv or video games all day. Highlights of recommendations are a ban on trans fats as advised by a federal task force. Video games are one of the leading causes of child obesity. Video games force children to stay inside during a blooming weather outside. Children stay up all night playing video games and competing their friends. The addiction to video games is called ‘Internet Addiction Disorder.' If video games get banned, 50% of child obesity will decrease. Children should exercise and eat healthy foods daily, but they should also reduce the amount of time spent in front of the screen.”

And So...

We should control the time of video games and control the amount of junk food we eat. We should make a law for exercising at least 90 min a day. Child obesity will affect the future because children won’t study enough and then not get good jobs. When they don't have that much knowledge, they won’t be able to maintain earth well. They will not study hard enough because they were addicted to video games.