There are many exiting things to a new year. You are going to a new school. Which means new school life. Everything is different. You have a block schedule to attend. Classes to attend in one day, different houses, assemblies, games, etc. There are many things you do in a days school work.


So as an elementary student you have 1 class to attend. Here at East you have a block schedule. Each schedule you would have 4 blocks to attend. Each block is a new subject such as=



3.social studies


so on and so forth. There is a bell that dismisses you after the block is over. 1hr and 30min for each block. You have 5 min to pass to your next block. You have 2 different schedules that you use a week. A and B days. A days are Mondays and Wednesday. B days are Tuesday and Thursday. The special thing about Fridays is that you do every class that day. You spend 36 min on each class on fridays.


Each grade has a house to attend to. It's were most of the classes would be unless you have band,drama, choir, F.A.C.Ts, art,etc. The orange house is for 6th grade. The teal house is for 7th grade. And the green house is for 8th grade. On the other side of the hallway of your house are extra houses just incase they have to be used.


You might think it's weird to have stairs in hallway that go or lead nowhere. You sometimes go there to have class. Or in the mornings if you decide not to eat breakfast or not want to walk in the gym
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As a 6th grader you are not aloud to participate in school sports. Instead you can attend school before school or after school clubs. Such as=

1*Quiz bowl

2*Art Club

3*Burn Crew

4*Guitar Club

5*Eagles for Christ

There are many more. Sometimes they start to appear suddenly. Their all fun and lead by a teacher.

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