Principal's Corner #14

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Unfortunately our lives are often "too busy" to stop and express our gratitute. So, I would like to intentionally take a moment to express my gratitude to you. You work hard day in and day out to support our students and families. On top of that, you go home and take care of friends and family members, and you do all of this with a smile. I appreciate you giving each of our students your very best each and every day. You make a difference, and you matter. Please take this Thanksgiving break to express your gratitute to those around you, and enjoy the time with friends and family.

We will have a secure perimeter Monday, November 19th in the afternoon.

SLO Goal Progress Monitoring

As part of your mid-year review, we will touch base on your SLO goals. If your PLT has the same SLO goal, Ashley and I can meet with your teams during PLT time. Please let us know when/if you'd like us to attend your PLT. This would need to be done prior to December 15 if you have probationary teachers on your team. Below is the SLO goal progress monitoring rubric for the mid-year. If you have any questions, please ask.
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Lit Kits

During this past staff meeting, you had the opportunity to experience Breakout EDU kits in action. It was great to see the engagement, collaboration and friendly competition, but I really enjoyed hearing the laughter. I encourage you to look into these LIT KITS. These are great resources available for our students to engage in new learning experiences.

Call the District Library & Visual Media Services to reserve your kits up to one year in advance, 720-886-7024.

  1. For more information on the LIT KITS, check our handout.
  2. Watch the video,
  3. Join the CCSD Schoology Course “CCSD Libraries: Literacy & Innovative Technology Kits,” access Code XPQX9-XPWVH, for documents, lessons, videos, etc. about using the Cowboys kits.

Remember, each elementary teacher will be provided one-half day (1/2 day) of release from teaching for the purpose of engaging in individual, team, or grade level planning annually. According to policy, the scheduling of such time shall be determined by the staff and the principal in coordination with the District so that it will not adversely affect building or district operations. When you determine when you would like to take this 1/2 day for the purpose of planning, please email Joan the date and copy me on the email. Thank you!

Important Dates

  • Monday, November 19: Secure Perimeter (afternoon)
  • Wednesday, November 21: Non-Contact Day, Comp day for Fall Conferences
  • Thursday, November 22-23: No School, Thanksgiving Break
  • Wednesday, November 28: Differentiation PD in Amy Bainbridge’s room: Depth & Complexity icons

  • Wednesday, November 28: Committee Time (PBIS/PST)

  • Wednesday, December 5: Differentiation PD in Amy Bainbridge’s room: Kagan Silly Games – how to incorporate play into your classroom!

  • Wednesday, December 5: Committee Time (Safety/Guiding Coalition)

  • Thursday, December 6: School Spelling Bee
  • Wednesday, December 12: Committee Time (PAC)
  • Wednesday, December 19: Staff Meeting
  • Monday, December 24-January 4: No School, Winter Break
  • Monday, January 7: Non-Contact Day
  • Monday, January 7, 8:00-12:00: Emergenetics is coming to COT